It Is What We Make It


We have titles, tags and labels for everything and one of the toughest jobs the new order has is to change the language; assign new names to everything so that we become inured to the new normal and less aware of our heritage..

I suggest we conservative patriots change a few titles for our own edification. Congressman should be Bonehead. Senator should be plutocracist-disestablishmentarianist; simple enough.

Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat Bonehead from Texas, urges a welfare name change to “Transitional Living Fund” “a transitional outreach to individuals who are chronically unemployed,” and that solves the financial complications according to world renowned Italian economist, I. Dunno Mafundsalo. And who created a society of “chronically unemployed” in America, Madame Bonehead?

Half the country, especially the financial community, waits with anxious anticipation for the latest unemployment statistics. Is the recession easing? Are employers hiring? Are fewer people signing up for government cheese? Surely the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will give us the straight dope…(Soon to be revised)…6.7%!!! Huzzah!! Lets have a round of applause for the great economy healer, Barak Hinsane Obama! “11.5%”!! shouts some sour grapes, Barak-bashing, unreliable, spin doctor realist. Boo Hiss!

Are we in recovery? We aren’t in (excuse the profanity) a depression are we? Put your minds at ease. Only the 90 plus million employable who have given up looking for work are in a depression….the over 13 million still looking for shovel ready jobs, now collecting unemployment, are only in a recession. The rest of us are doing rather well, thank you, unless you’re living on savings and therefore the victim of benign confiscation. Fully one third of the country is now victim to fundamental change…

The unemployment statistic, which is misleading at best and irrelevant anyway, since we can no longer expect the economy to bounce back as it would in a free market society, can tell us something if we apply the statistic to an entitlement society.

What it does tell us is that the middle class in America is declining and the gap between the haves and have nots is widening. The wealthy population in America is almost irrelevant statistically because they are above the fray, mobile and still increasing their worth in their own economy, at least for now. A more pertinent statistic to take into account is the number of people who are underemployed and eking out a living by dramatically changing their life styles, living arrangements and spending habits. America is not a great place to live for that guy right now. We can keep on deluding ourselves by saying it is still better in America than most of the rest of the world but even if that is true it is a sad commentary on our optimism. Upward mobility is just an old fashioned phrase no longer popular with American workers. Entry level jobs are turning into careers and that is not the America I want for our children. If that is their lot we have failed them miserably. Don’t blame the Boneheads or the Plutocracist-Disestablishmentarianists…the responsibility to preserve the Republic was left to the people and what did we do? We lived a privileged existence for a couple hundred years and left the affairs of state to Boneheads. What does that make us?

There is not one idea put forth or one program suggested by Democrats, Republicans or the Oligarchy that might provide work or opportunity (which is all we ask for) on the table. Republicans who used to carry the conservative banner have abandoned the free market concept hoping to get reelected by appearing more liberal. Obama’s “Promise Zones” are an insult to our intelligence. He’s telling us he knows what a free market is but will give us just enough of it to make no difference to the economy but might make a difference in our perception of him. I hope to God we are onto that stuff now and do not raise our expectations on false hope.

The transformation and fundamental change is all but a done deal. Only the Constitution and Bill of Rights stand in the way of raising a flag redesigned to suit Islamic Fascists ideals. They are in large part suspended or under severe scrutiny and attack but by God they spell out man’s best chance for achievement, dignity and civilized existence. Barak has already attacked these documents as having the order of authority backwards. The only thing that is backwards is our response. Tell Barak no! America will not be irrevocably transformed! We will not let an Oligarchy prosper from our mistakes!

Act to take back America. Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have ever so many. Hold him accountable and see that he gets his just desserts. America was the land of opportunity and will be again. We mustn’t be conned by this impostor who deigns to tell us he can choose precisely which cities in America should offer opportunity and under what conditions. He is a fraud. Americans know how to become productive once more. Let the free market flow and it will prevail.

God bless America.



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