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Let’s roll the clock back 5 years or as far back as you need to. The point I would like to make is that the movement to restore America or take back America should have started a long time ago. If we saw the error of our ways when first we strayed off course America would be  a different place today; unquestionably the world would be vastly different as well. Five years ago we certainly would not have elected Barak Obama…not to the presidency and not even to the Illinois Senate. If our house was in order we would be alert to any attempt to take from us the most successful form of government known to man that precious few humans have ever been privileged to experience.
When the Federal Reserve came into being had we gathered our Constitutional fortitude then, we would have impeached Woodrow Wilson and reset our political ideology to reflect our conservative values.
But here we are; 2014 and the most radical anti-everything we ever stood for president presides and after five years we are just beginning to come to a consensus over his flagrant lying protocol…that’s what it is, you know, a protocol to influence our judgement and millions of Americans are second guessing their religious heritage, moral values and work ethic. 200 years of indulgence and compromise rather than strict adherence to our unique free-market based Constitutional Republic tenets and the parties that dominate our political landscape have both lost their identities. Democrats have totally capitulated to mean spirited liberalism openly embrace socialism and wealth redistribution and the Republican Party cedes to them incrementally on every issue that erodes the free market economy, the Bill of Rights  and the order of authority we are governed by. Fiscal responsibility is redefined to accommodate lascivious spending and Judea Christian principles are sacrificed to accommodate religious intolerance. Both parties have a doomsday destination; one is on the express track and the other on the local track; choose your poison.
The most recent betrayal by the Republican Party that claims to uphold our Constitution and Conservative values is the sudden concern to reform immigration. The Democrats calling for “comprehensive” reform, code for amnesty, and Republican Congressmen are tripping over themselves to assure us that strict border control is the foundation and prerequisite of their legislation…and the illegal aliens that have made our home theirs may or may not have a path to citizenship; who cares? They are way ahead of themselves claiming that this is a bipartisan issue, overdue for determination and a  final Bill will be fair to everyone concerned. Everyone except law abiding Americans and the forefathers and the rule of law need not enter the conversation. Nevertheless the shaft will be delivered with deftness and accuracy, big business will reward the traitors and we will all be proud that America is a country with a big heart and compassion for all. Cheap labor trumps sovereignty. Cheap labor that votes trumps democracy.
Term limits would give our representatives less incentive to cater to special interests. It may be the most obvious, simplest reform to begin with but we have screwed ourselves by idolizing career politicians…The longer they stay the more highly we regard them and the less likely they will vote to end their illustrious careers. The result is a plethora of bad law enacted for all the wrong reasons that we pay for with our labor, our blood and our freedom. Then we reward the source of our suffering.
How do you determine the clean end to pick up a turd by and is it possible to restore a country that has been off the tracks practically from it’s inception? There are countless grass root organizations, each with a pet project intending to cure our imperfections…I love the patriotism and I will never discourage any initiative that seeks to right a wrong. All of them must be addressed and every one is important but not one of them will make a discernible difference in the inevitable death spiral we are in. The list is eternally long but for every bad law that is repealed dozens are enacted. To borrow a term from the enemy, we need comprehensive reform, but I use the term literally. Perhaps it is time to start over. Secede, attack, start fresh.
An America that reformed itself 100 years ago would not have a Federal Reserve redistributing wealth on a grand scale; 50 years ago and we would still have entrepreneurs sharing risk and creating a middle class; 20 years ago and we would not have built a dependency society; 5 years ago and we would not be at war with the Muslim Brotherhood undermining our economy, our Middle East relationships and religious heritage…If we organize today however, we can commit to get back to our Constitutional roots and take the drastic steps needed in drastic times.
Start by removing Obama, holding our representatives accountable and restoring a free market economy with no Federal Reserve micromanaging our demise.
God bless America.
Guido —
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