The Hole (in the) Truth

Any red blooded American with a pulse knows that the state of the union is going from bad to worse and today it may not be as bad as it is going to get but it has never been worse.

Nevertheless tonight Obama will give us his version of reality. We will be subjected to a long dissertation on liberal solutions to socialistic causation by an ideologically driven prevaricator…the first lie being the blame on Republicans for the obvious, undeniable flaws in our economy, the dog-do on his shoe and our general welfare…and the companion lie that this administration is succeeding despite Conservatives’ “baseless” opposition and phony scandals. We are not to believe our lying eyes or Conservative dogma; instead believe in the presidential pen being mightier than the Congressional sword…

What is incredibly ludicrous to me is that the speech will be discussed in agonizing detail ad infinitum and the critiques can be written in advance by a three year old…Liberal Democrat sycophants will rate the speech…and Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and Constitutionalists will berate the speech…each to their own ideological preference; they will be discussing seriously a liar’s smoke and mirror, switch and bait, three card monte terpsichorean demonstration that doesn’t say…”while I’m up here BS’in’ the daylights out of you the country is being transformed more to my and Michele’s liking.”

Barak will not be telling us the real story of the killing and Islamic burial at sea of his idol, Usama Ben Ladin. He won’t disclose the motive behind the betrayal of Israel. You won’t hear a word about the relaxing of the military dress code and facial hair regs. There will be no light shed on the disgrace at Ben Ghazi…He will portray his NSA eavesdropping policies on Americans as Constitutional, patriotic, heroic and non intrusive…He will remind us that Obamacare is the law of the land and getting better every sickening day. He will have the effrontery to stick to his spending and borrowing agenda come hell or high…destitution. His imaginary list of accomplishments as president of the United States will not include his support of the Muslim Brotherhood and he will not discuss his greatest failure; his failure thus far to outlaw gun ownership in America but he will remind us that “something” must be done to end the bloodshed. He may even tell us once more that he is not anti Second Amendment, just for comedic punctuation.

Listen to the liar if you must but spare me the political analysis. The bottom line is and will be the ongoing total transformation and fundamental change with politics as usual a side bar distraction from the Islamic Fascist agenda; it should not distract us. Barak must be removed and the only initiative that makes sense for that purpose right now is the Veterans’ March on the White House on May 16th. Be there; if not in person at least in spirit. Taking back the country will not proceed unsupported by patriots.

I yearn for the days when the State of the Union speech was just another presidential opportunity to rally the troops, shore up the base and brag about consequential or inconsequential political events of the preceding year; political exaggerations and bloviating; not ideological deceit and betrayal. Transformation and fundamental change is the betrayal of a nation…no political party we now recognize will escape the devastating results.

Every God fearing American can play an important role in our restoration simply by clinging to our guns and our religions…Two things the Muslim Jihadists cannot overcome. Stop the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama steam roller to Fascist domination will be run to ground, hog tied and branded for what they are.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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