The Enemy Walks a Well Worn Path

Barak is everything we’ve been telling you he is and none of the things he claims to be. His penchant for lying is ideologically instilled in him and his mission to transform America stems from that same ideology. He is not the progenitor of the movement he is a product of it.

Many years of incremental liberal politics patiently eroded our commitment to conservative values until the tipping point was in sight. It was finally time to introduce Barak Hussein Obama, primed, modified and reinvented, when America was ready to elect an unknown charismatic figure by virtue of a massive public relations campaign promising all things to all people for all time; total transformation undefined but full of false hope and empty promises.

A cabal presented their candidate as a member of the liberal democrat unprincipled political party, poured money into his campaign from every corner of the earth illegally and used every coercive tool at their disposal and every subversive organization to induce, coerce and buy votes and voters from the back alleys of Chicago to the splendor of Hollywood Hills. The savior of human rights would eclipse history and win an election without divulging his true origins; proof that America’s electorate was not guarding the Constitutional Republic; we were complacent and uncommitted.

I published a book called Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C. (The Securities and Exchange Commission). It depicts the historical tactics used to help the Communist prediction that we would be brought down from within come to pass. Our own fiscal policies would set the stage for a socialist oligarchy to discredit capitalism and eliminate the infrastructure that supported entrepreneurship. Without a healthy environment for entrepreneurs to flourish America will never achieve the economic milestones that made us the most powerful and influential nation on earth. It took over 50 years to bring the entire infrastructure down but the genius of our enemies is that they were able to do all this without the general population realizing or politicians able to understand or even detect what took place. Even if they took the time to read my book the tactics used by the S.E.C. do not readily appear to constitute a malicious plot to undermine our economy. But here we are, five years into a “recovery” and the light at the end of the tunnel went out the day Obama took office.

Prognosticators from both sides of the aisle agree that entrepreneurs are needed to spark a new wave of employment in America; they are clueless when it comes to what makes entrepreneurs tick. Take note that it has been about two years since anyone mentioned that when banks loosen up their lending practices entrepreneurs will get back in the swing of things. When will it occur to them that banks do not finance entrepreneurs, never did and never will? Banks are not investors; they are lenders and lenders require assets to collateralize loans. Entrepreneurs, by definition, seldom qualify for bank financing.

What was removed from our economy is the ability to share risk and the enticement of an exit strategy to investors and entrepreneurs, essential to the survival of American capitalism. The industry that provided the exit strategy and introduced risk capital to entrepreneurial companies was the Over the Counter Market and the Broker Dealers that created the product that comprised that market. The entire industry has been intentionally and surgically removed; put out of business by harassment, law suits and selective enforcement of rules and regulations designed to entrap public companies seeking distribution and working capital; or the simple opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations unmolested.

The companies that survive and continue to trade in the various tiers of the reconstituted Over the Counter Market have no broker dealer network to distribute their shares, raise capital and make orderly primary markets in their shares; the operative word being orderly. Some brokers may take issue with that statement but I maintain that if a broker isn’t an underwriter or member of a selling group he has no incentive to maintain an orderly market. No Over the Counter Broker Dealer that I know will underwrite a startup company or even a fledgling company with a promising future.

The tell-tale remnants of the S.E.C.’s devastating policies remain long after most of the companies have been decimated. The most telling policy that there is no intention to resuscitate the job market is the absence by design of Delivery vs. Payment or “DVP”. A basic tenet of commerce in the world is the transfer of ownership for payment or as the old Chinese saying goes, “no ticky no shirty”. Of course those rules have been incredulously suspended for the transfer of ownership of the shares of OTC companies and even some listed securities. You cannot demand delivery of shares purchased before or simultaneously with payment. This means that if you purchase shares your account is charged for payment immediately, the shares purchased are credited to your account simultaneously, but physical delivery may never eventuate. DVP is the single and probably only effective tool to end pernicious selling of shares by short sellers who have no financial stake in the transaction.

Now consider that there used to be a rule called the “Uptick” rule. It was mysteriously suspended by the S.E.C. before the devastating phenomenon of “naked short selling”; “the pernicious selling of shares by short sellers who have no financial stake in the transaction”; vis a vis no ownership of shares or intent to borrow for delivery. The “Uptick” rule prevented a seller from creating false supply to overwhelm demand to benefit from the devaluation that ensues. The S.E. C. simply claims that after reviewing the matter with “experts” they decided the “uptick rule” was not necessary; and countless companies have been destroyed, innocent shareholders suffered the loss of 100% of their investment and the lesson the S.E.C. teaches is that it is not wise to speculate. Before a short sale can be executed the price per share must tick up.

Now I realize that many of you find the entire subject boring or beyond your ken and that is perfectly understandable. The point I make is that there is and has been a certain organized element in America committed to our demise for at least a half century and the agenda did not begin with the election of Barak Obama to the Presidency or even to Congress. It started as an organized movement at least 50 years ago.

We must remove Barak obama to save America. We must also weed out and expose the cabal that brought him to power and began the preparation of this country to more readily accept the transformation or there will be another Obama in our future. Our decline and defeat had to begin with the elimination of entrepreneurship because socialism and capitalism cannot exist at the same time. A population enjoying prosperity and freedom will not willingly or voluntarily give up the right of self determination. Their institutions must be eroded and they must be lied to until the blame for malaise or decline is blamed on their heritage and system of government.

The battle to recover is going to be long and arduous. The reeducation of America and the reassertion of confidence in our Conservative values and free market economy will take time. But the abject failure of socialism before a transition to Fascism can be our saving grace. A return to our religious convictions and the rightful place of our Creator in the foundations of this country are a necessary prerequisite to salvation. The Muslim Brotherhood is implicated at almost every level of deception and will be routed out with the Fascists or other enemies at the root of our problems.

 Our faith tells us to pray for the outcome we crave but it does not say we need not do the work needed to bring about the proper result. Act to save America.



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