Who Shall I Say is Calling?

Barack Hussein Obama is ideologically opposed to the purpose of millions of Frenchmen demonstrating against terrorism in Paris. When dots connect themselves believe your eyes, not the pundits who deign to tell us what we are seeing. Barack has consistently made decisions and issued edicts that cause reasonable men to question his sanity, his ability to lead or his common sense, instead of his allegiance. I question nothing; it is what it is. Barack sides with and supports our enemies, alienates and undermines our allies consistently and with full control of his faculties. Now we are seeing evidence of Barack’s true party affiliation…Democrats are finding out the hard way that Barack is not one of them…no matter how hard they try to be one with him. Barack may well be the only authentic lone wolf terrorist but even he has superiors. So far we can only speculate as to who they might be, but look to the Middle East for answers, not Hawaii, Chicago or Africa.

Millions of Frenchmen condemning Muslim extremists, IE., Islamic terrorism, publicly, are issuing sacrilegious epithets, in the mind of Islam’s steadfast supporter and defender…To him the demonstrations in Paris were an obscenity and no way would he grace the march with his presence or allow his VP or Secty of State to dignify the event. How can any being with opposing thumbs and the gift of speech believe it was an oversight or error in judgement not to attend the Parisian show of unity among 40 world leaders?…39 if you interpret the word “leader” literally.

Barack did have a representative in Paris. The effrontery to show his face in an assemblage to denounce terrorists and terrorism is a Muslim technique of imposing their two face presence for political legitimacy. Mahmoud Abbas is himself a terrorist and would establish a state on Israel’s border to terrorize and destroy his sworn enemy, Israel. Barack and Mahmoud have more in common than he and any other of the 39 leaders represented in Paris, does he not?

I too stand with those who chant “je suis Charlie” and denounce the attack on free speech and liberty with an impressive show of unity and courage. However I do not agree that the people have the right message or are directing their ire toward the entity responsible for the circumstances that haunt their consciousness. The French government created the environment that Frenchmen now find threatening and disturbing. Liberalism destroyed liberty, not terrorists. Kill the terrorists but blame the government for the policies that harbor enemies and disarm the citizens.

Barack will do all the damage control he possibly can now that the genie is out of the bottle. Generals, ex CIA operatives, law enforcement dignitaries and Americans from all walks of life are now openly declaring that America will certainly experience terror attacks directly on our police, military personnel and citizens wherever we may congregate, when we least expect it. Somehow someone hit the reset button and erased all of the attacks on our citizens and assets for the last 40 or 50 years that we accepted with limited or ineffective responses; better late than never but it is not enough for the people to speak out. If our government refuses to name names or identify the culprits it will not protect us. Obviously this president has refused to protect us since he came to power. The obvious cure is to change governments. Will we survive long enough to let the political process take its course? Yes. Will we survive intact? No. That ship has already sailed and the next boat is not seaworthy.

Fundamental change takes on new ominous meaning every day, which indicates that we have undergone substantial change in the last six years and the momentum is on the side of further, perhaps irreversible change yet to come. Two years will not pass without bitter, perhaps momentous revelations into the psyche and true agenda of the president who more boldly assumes the role of dictator and despoiler every day. His refusal to participate in the French statement of resolve against Islamic extremists is a statement of his own. He alone will decide our future and
our national stature; perhaps over my dead body. I only hope that the majority of Americans stand with me on the line in the sand that will not fade. Barack must be removed and held accountable, the sooner the better.

We must direct our clamor for justice and liberty at the government that is depriving us. Let us not make the mistake of demonstrators who call for change without knowing which change they will get or demand accountability without identifying the responsible source. Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro is the problem.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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