Dis is Genuous, Dat is Not

Barack makes sure his media puppets stress his hype, that we do not negotiate with terrorists! No way. Terrorists are pleased to note that negotiations are not necessary. They don’t even have to ask. We will not divulge their identity or interrogate detainees. We release prisoners so fast that last week Al Qaeda sent one back…it wasn’t theirs…We should be more careful.

Japan is twisted in anguish trying to save one of two hostages but holding firm to their vow not to negotiate with the bad guys, even after one was brutally beheaded. We gave five dogs for one deserter but that don’t count…it wasn’t a negotiation…it was a gift…As I recall the deserter’s buddies didn’t want him back at all, so that made the deal sweeter, as far as Barack goes. We do not negotiate with terrorists, ever, never, ever, period…make that a Victor Borges comma, three dots and a dash; try not to spitzel..

Normally I would be adamant in refusal to negotiate but maybe, since we have not a shred of integrity left, it could do no worse if we had the humanity to send a couple of our GITMO tenants to Japan and let them do as they please. Of course we don’t want to embarrass Barack…funny how he is as easily offended as the radical Muslims who defend Mohamed from Charley and other Malapropos that dare to take Mohamed in vein…just coincidence…Christians don’t get offended…Barack not only gets offended, he gets even….two coincidences in one paragraph? I’m on a roll…

Netanyahu has breached protocol and offended not only Barack but I heard Valerie Plame is having a hissy fit too; and we didn’t even vote for her…or did we? On top of that Ambassador Dermer boorishly failed to mention to John Kerry that Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to town to meet with the Republican Congress. Now that is dirty pool. Barack would never do such thing…meet with Congress, that is. Johnny Boehner had plenty of time to warn Barack that the thorn in Barack’s side was about to twist…but nooooo. He’d rather offend the Commander in Sheik and now there will be Muslim style Jihad’s hell to pay….for starters there will be an IRS sneak attack on gun businesses…while Barack dips his quill in acid to permanently etch “veto” on Boehner’s drinking glass…check your bum for tattoos, John, this Obama guy is full of surprises. (Not)

For spite Netanyahu will not be invited to enter the White House through a side door and leave through the kitchen…Last time he swiped a slice of Barack’s Turkey on the way out but when he reached for a piece of Iran he got his hand slapped. Benjamin is saddened at the rejection of an old friend…for the umpteenth time, but I rather think he’d be mortified if Barack cozied up. Mad as a wet hen Barack may stump for Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel’s elections which, pray G-d may make Netanyahu PM for life. Watch Obama do the Palestinian bump; a political dance when you dance with the enemy of your friend and praise your friend to death.

Just what is it that Barack does so well, that despite morbid failures domestically, internationally and personally, we still stand and applaud when he enters a room? In all probability our failures are his success; look how hard he works to hang on to failed policies and still come up with more of the same to double down on failure; that’s what he does so well. Every measurable indication of success in every significant area of concern is below the gold standard. America is diminished and If there is any consistency to Barack’s methods it is the audacity to tell us we are wrong and the failure we see is a figment of our imagination.

Well we are not imagining a Middle East that is dominated by terrorists with not a square mile left where we are welcome. Israel is climbing a burning rope, Iran is going Nuclear and the whole world bought the fabrication of a nation poised on Israel’s door step, waving a white flag in one hand and a dagger in the other. A nation that is not a nation, created for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Unimaginable but true.

We are not imagining that unemployment rates are lowered by mass unemployment; that debt is astronomical and rising at an historic unsettling rate; that the health care community that was once the envy of all nations is now threatening to ruin us financially as soon as Barack hands back the keys. Are we imagining that Americans feel less secure because we are less safe, less productive and less free? Hardly. America has no infrastructure to accommodate entrepreneurship; the ramifications are such that a poor economy has two rungs missing on the ladder out of poverty.

What I can’t imagine is that there are still people living in this country who are willing to ride this train until it runs out of track and will not grasp the blessing this nation has been to civilization. Man is best served when he is free to achieve his highest potential with no impediments. Government is a real and growing impediment and our demise as a functioning Constitutional Republic was predicted to come about by our own hand. That is the prediction we are living through.

Sooner or later we will realize that the radical right we fear is the only salvation we have. What contingent of the “radical right” goes beyond calling for restoration? None that I know of and the radical tag is a false flag. We are really talking about the conservative heart of America. The Constitution is the blue print for civilized men to live civilized, productive lives in control of their own destiny, as the Creator intended. Embrace it and we can right this ship. Question its wisdom and the spiral will continue.

God bless and grant us the wisdom of our forefathers.

While the unnamed terrorists persecute Christians in the manner of Holocaust victims it is time to reflect on the conditions that prevail as a direct result of Barack Obama’s influence. Jews are not exactly persecuted. They are being harassed to death by a thousand cuts of betrayal and “Palestinian ” terrorists sniping at their heels. Their final destiny will be wholesale slaughter and utter defeat at the hands of the new age Islamic Muslim Jihad. It is the intention of Sharia compliant Muslims to destroy Israel and build victory mosques wherever a Torah may have resided. America stood in their way once upon a time but now it is America’s wealth and influence that feeds their savage ambition. The weapons we supply, the gasoline we buy, the billions we contribute to countries that have already turned against us, feed the beast. The Islamic war against civilization will have a political component, so cruel and restrictive that mankind will dare not breathe.

Yet history has proven that the most cowardly are the most vicious when cornered and the most vicious are cowardly when pursued and crushed. Defeat is in their DNA and we will bring them to their knees without the prayer rugs they defile by praying for evil to triumph. We must choose our next leader carefully. The war against Islamic Jihad will not begin in earnest until their agent in our government is exposed and held accountable and we elect a patriot who is as fearless as he is wise and compassionate. Of course America has the ability to destroy this evil religious ideology; we lack the will. A new leader can inspire us to return to greatness by giving glory to the Creator and asking for the blessing of strength of purpose. A new America can be born in His name and with His blessing as it was in 1776, if we are willing to make the same commitment our founders did then; our lives, our fortunes and our good names will be called upon.

Barack cannot name the enemy without indicting himself.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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