Let Not This Day Measure Our Resolve

Lower House is an appropriate term for the House of Representatives. How low will they go? Let’s just say they should be called the House of Reprehensibles. As to the Upper House…they just need an upper colonic cleanse of massive proportions….The people were 60-40 in favor of a Boehner dismissal…the Reprehensibles and the colonic deprived couldn’t bear to see Boehner cry again, so “wethesheeple” took the first loss of the season.

Republicans shun confrontation and the Democrats push the envelope with brash impunity because of it. Barack took a low election turnout which rejected him and six years of fundamental change with overwhelming conviction, as a personal victory… the people who didn’t vote spoke to him and he will act on their behalf. He immediately produced an extensive list of no-go legislation, so Republicans can guide themselves accordingly. In a rare act of conciliation he also produced a list of Republican priorities he would be inclined to consider. He transcribed that list on the head of a pin alongside the Declaration of Independence, in capital letters.

Boehner and McConnell, the redefined conservative leaders of the Republican dominated Congress assured Barack that there will be no penalty for obstruction or unconstitutional acts of any description, transgressions of the oath of office or intense hatred of the military, American heritage, white people, economic prudence and American sovereignty. There will be immediate retribution against those who participated in the attempted coup to dethrone J.B. That means the deck will be stacked with Boehner business as usual demagogues.

The new year finds Father Time’s robes in tatters, Uncle Sam bloodied battered, still standing but with head bowed; and we are only in the first week of two years that promise to be the most transitional and critical in our history. With all that we lived through in the last six years we have not yet learned our lesson. We are preoccupied with the symptoms of our terminal illness and not willing to accept and treat the underlying causes. It’s the bottom of the seventh inning and Barack is still pitching a no hitter.

We continue to attribute Barack with incalcitrant political bias but we don’t accurately accuse him of a political mission outside the parameters of America’s core values. We call him naive and ideologically committed to failed economic policies. We fault him with ill considered international decisions but we fail to recognize that the beneficiaries of his strategy consistently are the very people we are supposed to defeat. We suffer horrific losses from attacks from Muslims and only Muslims but refuse to acknowledge tthey have declared war against Western civilization, Jews, Christianity and America in particular. We rationalize that the consistent protection, defense and praise for Islam loudly proclaimed by the President of this nation; and fail to see that his actions prevent us from defending ourselves or taking the war to the enemy with conviction. In six years of ever increasing dictatorial rule America is diminished by every measure that once made us the envy of nations.

We expect at any moment Barack will see the error of his ways and embrace the political center to save his legacy. God help us, the cure for our utter stupidity is total, fundamental transformation; at which point there will be no recovery in sight. Barack has chosen his legacy and it will be appreciated only by our enemies.
90% of the population does not participate in the remarkable stock market performance, yet we allow the pundits to tell us it is a positive sign of economic recovery. It is really only a sign of wealth accumulation tied to a fraying thread, for a fortunate few. The market thrives when risk factors are diminished by the lack of investment options and savings suffer from stagnation, silent inflation and tax advantages for high income players. I point that out only to demonstrate the blind spot Americans have developed for facts and reality.

Four terrorists killed a dozen journalists and wounded another 15 in broad daylight in one of the most iconic cities in the world, yesterday. Every French resource will be brought to bear to hunt down the murderers and America, along with other European nations will assist in any way we can. That is as it should be. The attack however, was an act of war in an ongoing battle by Islamic Muslims for world domination. The response to this horrific act should be an all out, sustained attack on Muslim fighters and assets wherever they are, by all non Muslim nations, so devastating that terrorists will have to think twice before acting again. If the four are tried and convicted they will be seen as martyrs for the Islamic cause; a sacrifice they are anxious to make for their false God. France will find the perpetrators if possible, arrest them and put them on trial and if it happened in America, and it has, we would do the same…get them lawyered up and bring them to trial in a few years. Sickening, counter intuitive and suicidal on our part..

The reality is undeniable. Only Israel, forced into a struggle for survival, is taking appropriate actions with the limitations placed on them by the international anti Semitic community, to fight Jihad. America cannot be relied on to side with Israel except in speeches. Russia, because Putin has announced that Muslim squatters will not be welcome or endured in his country, is at least cognizant of the Islamic plans to be the last surviving religion and government on earth. Both nations are feeling the wrath of our President under the pretext of justice and fairness.

Many believe that Islam is on a mission impossible. I don’t think they will ultimately succeed either; but think of the death toll and loss of property and civilized society along the way. We must be willing to deal with this scourge as if they are capable of succeeding or by all that is unholy they will succeed beyond their best hopes and our worst nightmares.

Obama has practically single handed allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organizations that spring from that unholy organization to prosper and strengthen exponentially. Every country in the world including our own has Muslim communities that defy the customs and civil laws wherever they settle, always seeking to live among other societies according to Muslim traditions and answerable under Sharia Law. Sharia Law is contradictory to all civil laws based on Judea Christian tenets. The world has allowed the enemy to live and bide time among their citizens; surely a price is being paid and the ultimate result can only be imagined.

Barack’s most egregious crime is a crime against civilization and humanity; by supporting and defending Islam’s quest for world domination he betrays the oath of office and America’s best interests. Congress will not clip his wings; they will fight the symptoms of a rogue government imposing its will. They will not attempt to break the will of the most heinous government ever to preside over world politics. Demand that Barack be removed for cause…we have many and many more to come unless we act..
Pray that we find the courage of our convictions…pray that we develop proper convictions before we look back and rue the day.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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