Dueling Pens

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quoted, (paraphrasing with poetic license),

“Our sacred Brahma Bull has finally met its match. The Secular Barack bull has given India a memory we will treasure for eternity. We in India find bovine defecation most useful.”

He continued, “Global warming is exactly what we should discuss as beheading becomes the exclamation point of idle conversations across continents. As a matter of fact we suggest that Barack, who has promised to calm the oceans, also consider desalinating the seven seas and the Great Salt Lake as well. His Excellency the Pope can easily get behind that one…Imagine Seven Seas of Holy water, to counter the tide of evil we can’t name or assign blame….and we can all bathe together and sing “Getting to Know You” in the communal baths, awaiting our turn to convert.”

Modi closed with, “When Gore/Soetoro’s cryptic predictions come to pass it will only require two degrees more to turn our nation into a Baked India main course…we can have Baked Alaska for dessert and baked brains will make it all palatable. A most enjoyable and fruitful meeting.” (The recipe for Baked Alaska contains no oil). (The recipe for Baked India contains Muslim curry). I thought you should know.

No Barack, China didn’t agree to a darn thing but is amused that you volunteered business-killing restricitons for American companies, in the name of Environmental Responsibility. Somehow they knew the Pope would second your motion.

No Barack you do not lead from behind. If you refuse to lead you have abrogated our role as leaders of the free world. Now that won’t stop you from your stated goal of total transformation and fundamental change for us, will it? Glad you still have your priorities in order.

The unflappable Barack pronounces the India visit a success after a few hours of regaling his hosts with inanity, Then, with the sweet smell of…success, I guess, he’s off to Saudi to say ta ta to Abdullah and reset relations with his 1/2 brother; long live the King who couldn’t wait to discuss world climate conditions in the midst of crumbling civilizations 360 degrees around their little Oasis…These visits bore fruit in record time because Barack, though pressed for time, provides ample fertilizer for the trees…enough for a forest of fruit trees that could cover the entire uncivilized world, bearing dung fruit for all occasions.

Al Gore couldn’t wait for Baracky to come home so he could tell him about his fantastic (in every sense of the word) plan to ban automobiles from every city in the world with a fire hydrant…According to Big Al you only need one fire hydrant per country to ban parking everywhere. He was still putting zeroes on his cost estimates when Air Force One gently set down on the tarmac in DC, leaving no discernible carbon footprint. Allah be praised…

Barack has his pen and I have mine. His pen attempts to alter reality; mine attempts to restore reality. Mine is the voice of some of the people; his would silence all the people’s voice.

No Barack, our borders are not secure. They remain the most porous and easily penetrable borders of any sovereign nation; terrorists consider our Mexican perimeter the Jihad expressway.

Yes Barack; we are in a religious war of attrition for political ideology to conquer free will. Islamic terrorists declared the war and we have yet to retaliate with conviction; unless we believe your version of events.

No Barack; we are not winning the war.

No Barack; the Islam call to evening prayers is not the sweetest sound on earth. It is an ominous warning that Muslims can congregate on short notice, if for no other reason than to impose their presence inconveniently; unassimilated, unfriendly and unwanted, pleading for Sharia parity.

Yes Barack; the worldwide, exponential rise of Islamic terrorism is due to your allegiance to a foreign ideology.

No Barack, the economy did not recover.

Got a pen? Demand that Barack be removed for cause. We have a responsibility to protect our country from all enemies…within and outside our borders. We are the ultimate government when our representatives and elected officials shirk their responsibilities. Certainly Barack Hussein Obama, educated in Indonesia, (you must be a citizen to qualify) wearing the Islamic dress required by the institution, violated our border and must be considered the enemy within. No enemy has ever inflicted more damage.

Use your pen to exercise your responsibility my friends. We have but one nation to give for our lives.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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