Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit Where Credit is Due; The Guillotine When Not; Barack Hussein Obama (BO) aka Barry Soetoro (BS)

We nod in silent agreement when BS aka BO repeatedly takes “credit” for killing Usama Bin Laden. We allow this honor-thief to take credit on the one hand for the initiative, service and risk of others but stop short of crediting him with the “rest of the story”; and we wonder why, in spite of insistence that success is Barack’s middle name, devastating reality of tragic loss and diminished prestige stares us in the face, more stark each day. Why do we not “credit” the Commander in Sheik with affording Usama Bin Laden a dignified, traditional, Sharia compliant, Muslim burial at sea, that made him a martyr and role model to millions of enemy terrorists? Should we have given military honors while we were at it? Whenever anyone credits BS aka BO with killing Bin Laden they should finish the sentence; if not, finish it for them.

Barack eschews funerals and the opportunity, often the responsibility, to give homage to wounded and fallen American heroes…but he will not send an envoy to King Abdullah’s service…he insists on going himself. It’s the right thing to do. He will not dignify Netanyahu’s visit to Congress with the hospitality, ceremony and recognition deserving of an ally and head of state…but he will attend the funeral of the man he bowed to before he accepted the duties of the office he was elected to uphold…As I said…it is the right thing to do…but alas, for all the wrong reasons. Barack will no doubt lean forward from the waist in respectful recognition of the King’s high position in life and in death, in the order of Islamic deities.

Do nothing to hinder the advancement and enhancement of the Islamic Terrorist atrocity-ridden occupation of country after country and when our last haven is surrounded and targeted, feign surprise. Surely global warming was the deciding factor here, when Yemen fell into the hands of the unmentionable, non descript, unidentifiable, non sectarian rebels who don’t stand a snowball in Hell’s chance of taking over the entire Middle East. We quietly evacuated our Embassy over a week ago, to Kerry’s assurance that we were merely taking extra precautions. When Assad is hung out to dry, and BS aka Bo is doing all he can to bring that eventuality to bear asap, Turkey will end the charade and kick our infidel hides out of their Sharia complicit sewer as well.

Israel may yet save the world and be cursed for it…if they do they will get no help from BS aka BO, Congress or hypocrites in Rome. Only the Judea Christian conservative base in America will wring our hands and pray for the outcome we seem not to want as a civilization.

Still think Barack is a clueless, hapless leader with no leadership talent? We may all die laughing when we realize the joke’s been on us all along. ISIS, ISIL, Taliban or Al Qaeda couldn’t ask for a more successful patriot/leader than Barry Soetoro; the double agent who, like most dedicated Islamic Jihadi, change their name to play the game. Meet Barack Hussein Obama, I don’t think we have been properly introduced. It is now permitted to use his chosen middle name but don’t overdo it, lest ye be labeled racist, Islam-phobic or war monger.

I believe the proper term to surgically remove a cancerous tumor is excise…or is it exorcise? It depends on whether it is religious or patriotic, methinks. Perhaps exorcise is more appropriate when removing deadly BS.

If I owned a zoo how long would you tolerate me if I opened the lions’ cage to protect the visitors? Barack is exposed but political correctness or his ability to intimidate on a mass scale keep us from getting rid of the zoo keeper so we can put the lions back in their cages. Get over it. The enemy is the one that means to harm us…for our own good.

Remove Barack by any and every means available to us…he is destroying us be any and every means available to him.


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