Guido for President

“A Gun Behind Every Blade of Grass and a Bible in Every Freshman Class”.

I’ll take the oath of office on a stack of bibles at the altar in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the oath to decimate the Islamic Muslim Jihad, left hand on the Koran, the other on a bible; both on the same day. It will be a promise to wage the war on Islamic terror in earnest.

I will go to GITMO and take an oath to fill it with POW’s, after I remove all creature comforts and electronic communication systems. Water boarding will be a last resort after we’ve exhausted more effective methods of extracting information from murderers, pedophiles and sodomists bearing arms against the best military in the world. Bacon will be included in the preparation of every meal. GITMO will not be closed. It will be a place that POW’s would wish they never visited. Every beheading or vile act will trigger carpet bombing the likes of which have not been felt since WW 2.

I will take an oath never to engage this country in tit for tat warfare…We go only if unavoidable and we go to win and we do not apologize for collateral damage.
No American serviceman will be asked to serve and sacrifice more than his life. They must be compensated fairly and their medical needs provided unequivocally. Every medical facility in America will be their providers. We will rebuild our military and restore the pride and confidence in serving one’s country.

I will go to the border and take an oath to seal it tighter than a gnat’s ass dipped in styptic. Entering America illegally will result in severe consequences and the illegals’ government will be fined and charged for the cost of processing criminals without papers.. Repeat offenders will serve time in Guantanamo before being returned to their country of origin, shoeless, penniless and repentant.

I will go to Israel and take an oath on the Torah and the Bible to reconnect and support them until the only threat they face will be the common cold. This is a strategy that will demoralize and reduce the Islamic threat on a broad front. Israel and the United States will then partner to build a Special Forces team that will annihilate Muslim Terrorists wherever they hide.

Failure to assimilate will result in deportation…to get past our border you must prove ability to work, pass the same test our High School students take on civics, responsible citizenship, American history and have a working ability to speak English. No immigrant shall be eligible for public assistance of any kind until they have demonstrated a willingness to work and have been in America, gainfully employed, for at least 5 years.
I will send a message to China and they will never export to the US a product we can make here, a product they stole the patents on, or a product that competes with one of ours. Our debt will no longer be for sale and we will begin to retire our debt in the many ways available like tax equalization and American productivity.

I will close every government agency that has enforcement authority independent of due process, starting with the IRS, the SEC, the EPA, etc. and put an end to the culture of intimidation and political manipulation.

Our entire tax code and system must be scrapped and simplified. A flat tax must provide for relief to those on fixed incomes from savings or pensions.

The only participation the Feds will have in the education of our young is the inclusion of American history, citizenship and civics but the courses will be designed and delivered at the state level. The Executive Branch will create an education channel completely dedicated to teaching the functions and purpose of the Federal Reserve and the cost to each citizen involved in the creation and distribution of currency. Education will expose the Federal Reserve. Students will then participate in national tests and high scores recorded at the fed level and rewarded. We have a Republic and must insure that we keep it.

The full prestige and influence of the executive Branch will bring pressure to bear to force Congress to be subject to every law they passed and pass in the future. I will fight to give every American the same Social Security .arrangement enjoyed by Congress.
The concept of shared risk will be revitalized and simplified to encourage entrepreneurship. This will expand and regenerate a middle class society and reduce the dependency on federal hand outs. .

The American flag will not have any adornments and proudly fly according to the traditions and protocols honored for centuries. No other flag will ever fly above ours or in preference to ours under penalty of law, strictly enforced. Defacing or mistreating the flag will be a misdemeanor faithfully enforced. It is not free speech to deface or disrespect our flag.

Make me president and America will recapture the glory and pride earned by the blood and sacrifice of men and women who put God and country above their personal being.

Slowly but surely the Federal Government will return responsibility to the states until it is manageable and humble yet influential and powerful on the world scene.

Another thing. As President of the United States I promise that the Federal Reserve will become more transparent.

Fin ally; Hype-ocracy. The Union is in decline and the State of the Union speech a cruel joke….the exact trajectory is a transformation from free markets to wealth redistribution and on course to nadir. I wouldn’t call it the State of the Union. It is more the state of mind Barack is in if he thinks we bought his load of sarcasm, lies and war mongering of an Islamic nature.

If the purpose of the SOU is for the president to come before the American people and misrepresent facts, please change the name of the speech or cancel the gig.

Let me not mince words. There are two major threats in the world today that can seriously impact our quality of life; Barack Obama and Islamic Terrorism…and it appears to me they are one and the same. Russia, under the guise that the Ukraine deserves our help, may become an imminent threat; but only because Barack Obama has exacerbated the problem for political purposes. Those political purposes are not or shouldn’t be our concern. They are the political purposes of the Islamic war on humanity.

Putin crossed Barack inadvertently when he declared that Muslims and Sharia law would not be welcome in Russia if they showed no inclination to assimilate 100% into Russian culture and society. That flared Barack’s nostrils but when Russia decided to reconstitute the old Soviet Union, Barack realized that Muslims would not be welcome anywhere in the region and the Islamic Jihad to convert the world would be denied a major chunk of real estate. That’s when Barack put Putin on his permanent enemy’s list, and sanctioned Russia the way we wish he would sanction the real terrorist nation, Iran. But Iran get’s a pass and Barack is battling Israel, Congress and anyone in his way to let Iran play fast and loose with time lines and empty promises. Barack is assuring the world that Iran will be a nuclear threat to Israel and always in support of Islamic Jihad.

The State of the Union report is a cruel hoax and the Republican response a betrayal of the Republic.

Guido for President or secession, declaration of war and a new beginning.


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