Barack’s Dream Legacy? A Caliphate in America

Barack warns Congress and America that more sanctions on Iran could lead to war… That is a threat Iran loves to intimate but Barack is now issuing for them…who’s side did you say he is on?

Barack is openly opposing Israel on every Israeli initiative… speaking for Iran and acting on their behalf, Israel is now the rogue state and should be sanctioned…who’s side is he on again? He sides with Palestinians; just in case you thought he had some high moral purpose and is not just a simple, run of the mill anti Semitic Muslim. An aspiring Caliph must remain true to his dogma.

His advice to France? Don’t use a hammer on my guys. Keep trying diplomacy and political correctness until you all convert to Islam or we cut your collective infidel throats….Somehow France and Belgium didn’t get the message and needed another finger-in-face lecture…Evidently Europe must learn to assimilate Muslims like we do in America…(by edict, preferential imposition, persecution of Christians and Jews and other good will measures)…Heck, France and England are way ahead of us in that department. A true American, my friend and yours, Barry the double agent, champion of squatters’ rights, may just be telling us which side he has chosen.

Congress funded the offensive in Iraq and Barack immediately added he might have at Syria. Give him an inch…he means to topple Assad to complete the Sharia/Brotherhood control of the Middle East…and now “no boots on the ground” Barack ordered 400 “advisers” into Syria because the bombs and drones he sparingly used had the effect he wanted…none. Four hundred advisers in harm’s way are just a concession to Pentagon hawks and will not affect the outcome Barack is engineering. Wait, wait…are we done in Iraq? Depends on whose side you’re on.

Congress, military brass, Americans who give a damn and Israel’s whole existence in dealing with Iran sponsored terrorism, don’t know how brilliant Barack and Kerry really are at international negotiations. If we’re not careful they will upset Barack’s scheme to kill Iran with kindness. Only Barack can foil Iran’s Nuclear program and his superior intellect spawned a masterful plan…give them the bomb and they will be so amazed they will forget to use it. Tell me again…whose side?

Duke’s spin of “intention to unify” for permitting the “call to evening prayers” to violate the peaceful atmosphere of the campus, was totally credible. There is no attempt to indoctrinate students to Islamic culture, the Alumni just grew tired of the same old peaceful Jews and Christians quietly practicing their faiths and wanted to stimulate some healthy dialogue on campus. Of course Barack’s opinion of the sweetest sound on earth has no bearing on Duke’s chosen culture; they are on Barack’s side and Barack is on…tell me again…who’s side?

The enemy has not forgotten how to wage war…nor have we. But we allow this president to ignore the fundamental requirements, like fight back to destroy the enemy…In war the enemy must never know what to expect…the idea is to keep him guessing so he will not be able to defend in advance… So Barack broadcasts his intentions to limit our responses. Nothing is off the table…but nothing is on the drawing board either. The attack in France warranted an immediate attack on any Muslim assets anywhere they exist…whether they hit Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram or Taliban, they are joined at the hip and all have the same mission. We Infidels should have one enemy and one mission as well. Any terrorist attack anywhere in the world should evoke an immediate attack on any terrorist group, no matter where they are ravaging. Barack would call that provocation but whose side is he on?

We are debating whether 30% of the released prisoners go back to active terrorism or 6%, (ludicrous) when simple logic dictates it is more likely 100%. How do you track those who re-join their old amigos? Send out questionnaires? Tweet, email, ask the goats they love? Here’s my advice. It is immoral and unwise to release any of them. But if statistics tickle your fancy, find the 66 2/3 needles living peacefully in haystacks; that shouldn’t be too hard to do but when you can’t find them adjust the 6% recidivism statistic slightly upward…You can believe me or honest Barry…or are we beginning to suspect, unfairly I presume, that Barack may not be on the right side of anything?

I am pro impeachment, if only to get the criminal charges on the record…it will be a long, long, longer than long, record. I am pro impeachment but preferably calling for an immediate removal of a president who will bring this country to her knees if we let him; and we are doing precious little to prevent it.

Demand that Barack Hussein Obama be removed for all the reasons above-mentioned and countless more. I would even remand him to Guantanamo and release him to the side he chose, if poetic justice is your cup of tea.

God Bless America. May she regain all she has lost and once more provide a place on earth where men of good will can achieve their highest potential and demonstrate man’s highest calling on earth; to serve God and Country as God conceived; self governed, self determined and compassionate but ever vigilant and protective.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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