Who Let The Dogs Out?

Congress is chasing after Obama with a flit gun but they had better bring a pail and a mop. Barack is jumping and skipping, bumping into and spilling and breaking stuff, blaming Congress for making him rush, trying not to laugh out loud before the audience is seated. He has no compunction, as soon as the mikes are live, to tell the American people that he acts alone because he has to.

Five (5), more detainees were set loose last night while interviewers and interviewees pondered strategies for defending the world against itself and Frenchmen mourned 11 dead cartoonists and we all forgot thousands murdered in the name of Allah in the same time frame, maybe four hours away.

The irony would have been thick enough to choke a camel if Barack had gone to help France and world leaders declare war on Islamic extremism, only to come home and tell us that the term is offensive, then let five more dogs out to kill again. Guantanamo might hold prisoners of war if we had any, but our detainees have rights and friends in high places. If Congress really gets their game on they might just beat Barack at his own game and prevent him from closing the joint with the stroke…come to think of it he doesn’t sign executive orders lately, he just claims he did, sits back and watches the transformation. We have become like Pavlov’s dog cloned exponentially.

Okay, I get it. Congress is ramping up their game to throw as many roadblocks in front of our Islamic Fascist in Chief as possible and the list of priorities is as long as a Chinese laundry list in a coal miner’s town…Congress has more ability stop things than they do to start things and as far as I’m concerned the loss leader is the war on Islamic Extremists. If the Prez doesn’t have the initiative to call it a war, call the enemy Muslim or admit terrorism is the weapon of choice and there is no other, we are back on our heals playing defense; reacting to the whims of the anonymous, hardly challenged, enemy.

My blood boils when these sycophant democrat liberal pablum lapping lackeys tell us that Barack is doing a great job bombing and droning as if that should make us comfy. War is hell and it takes someone willing to go there and back, to fight such a war. Barack is decidedly on the other team. Congress is mad as hell and won’t take it any more and we the people can’t make waves because the fecal effluence is lip high.

Assuming Republicans win the next election, assuming there is one, they will be blamed for the fallout from six years of Obamanomics and Obamatransformation. Republicans aren’t smart enough to tell us the truth and we aren’t smart enough to handle the truth when it smacks us in the proverbial kisser. There is a ton of transformation going on every second of every day and that includes indoctrination of the young, the naive and the gullible. Duke University will sound out the sweetest sound on earth every day so that Muslims know when Allah is looking for them. A graveside statue of a praying soldier with a cross was removed because it offended an Atheist. A Chaplain leaves and an Imam takes his place. Nancy fills a vacant post with a devout Muslim activist.

Show me how we win with Barack. Show me how we survive. Show me how Republicans will give us back the Republic we cherished if we do. I believe our safety net is American fortitude. If Barack can ignore the Constitution and Republicans choose to ignore the fact and challenge his policies then it’s time to suspend all civility and take Barack out of office by any and every means available to us. We are attacked, threatened and demeaned and the enemy is comforted and protected by the one man in the world who has sworn an oath to defend this nation against all enemies…that would include, I presume, those of his own religious preference.

Demand Barack’s removal for cause…we have many; and that is the understatement of the century.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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