Term Limits for Dummies; Members of the House of Representatives

A Politicians’ time in office should be so constricting that they would be anxious to return to their former day jobs after one or two terms. You will agree with me only if it helps get you elected for another term. The days when patriots were willing to sacrifice something to serve their country are long past because politics, somewhere along the line, became a career option rather than a calling.

If you love your country because of the ideals our forefathers were able to codify in a document, essentially man’s God given right to self govern, you will better understand your limited role as part of a government limited to the duties authorized by the states. If you say that is what you love and admire about America but serve years without that restriction, you are just another detractor whose deeds will never match their rhetoric.

If the crowning achievement of your career in politics is the longevity of it, you, sir or madam, are corrupt. You are either directly engaged in skullduggery for profit or benefiting from washing backs to get your back washed. If you’re doing neither and not exposing those who do, you are complicit and contributing to the circle of corruption. We who elect you deserve what we get but that doesn’t mean we get what we deserve. We deserve representation no matter how uninformed we have become. After all we are the victims of a political system that has perpetrated an uninformed electorate to prolong their careers and have sacrificed the concept of self government for their own selfish interests.

Why do politicians think that they are no longer ordinary citizens once they are elected to office? Because they go to Washington in the hopes of having a long, uninterrupted career, feeding at the public trough. Even a brief taste of the privileged existence we afford our representatives is so intoxicating that a return to their former lives is almost unthinkable…unbearable for some and so the game of politics becomes the driving force of their existence. Theirs is a world that reflects the life of achievement Americans are entitled to by virtue of hard work and dedication but politicians eschew the time honored American concept of hard work in favor of Congressional entitlement; and with that government grows exponentially in direct opposition to the diminished voice of the people.

If your claim to fame is your ability to reach across the aisle you have no convictions of your own and serve only as a facilitator for fees. You are like an atheist selling Bibles. If you believe nothing will get done without compromise, nothing is the better choice but compromising feathers their nests by getting things done; Bills they can attach their wish list to and continue to erode the purpose and intent of a Constitutional Republic until it is unrecognizable and entitlements and pork become the primary products and function of government.

If your constituents reelect you because you are very proficient at bringing Washington money home you are unconcerned that government is recirculating wealth and that is the ignorance that has cost us our liberty. Taxation pays for your predilection and you contribute to the rationalization of ever increasing taxes. Or do you think you are working for a revenue producing corporation with a highly desirable product?

Recirculating money costs the tax payers dearly and is the anathema of free market wealth creation. You can’t excel at winning lucre to your state without political trade offs…the tactical strategy that drives incremental politics in a socialist movement. Even the smallest concession to liberal causes is a victory for socialism and another step toward authoritarian government. We the people, except for a short term benefit to one locality, are deprived of good government when our employees are better horse traders than they are legislators…or patriots.

Why do you think the Donkey National Committee got out the Democrat vote for the Thad Cochran vs. Chris McDaniel contest yesterday? Because Thad goes along to get along and the so called “Tea Party” candidate would naturally stand firm for conservative values. Democrats prefer the moderate who can be bought with pork.We should be ashamed that Democrats once more chose the candidate of their choice for the Republic seat in the Senate. If Wisconsin voters were better informed and wearied of professional politicians new blood would mean a baby step toward Constitutional restoration…perhaps. The only “term limits” that apply now is up to the voter.

Congressmen and Senators who have increased their net worth by 1/2 since going to Washington are too clever by 1/2 for our own good. Every single one should be forced to show the source of their wealth and pay a severe penalty if the office they hold provided the opportunity for enrichment. No elected official should benefit from privileged information and the closest tabs possible should be kept to insure they do not take advantage of the knowledge they gain as public servants. But then they are insulated by the laws they passed which exempt them from the rules of comportment the rest of us are subjected to; rape, insider trading and Social Security for example.

Let’s start a third part called the Incumbent Party and send them packing. Because we have allowed our elected officials to become entrenched some will go to great lengths to keep the office they hold. Khrushchev let us in on the ultimate political tactic to stay in office when he said, “It’s not who votes that counts; it’s who counts the votes that counts.” A word of caution; only politicians who have been around for a long time can figure out how to count the votes.

An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Thomas Jefferson

We’ve been dummies long enough.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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