I’ll Hold Your Jacket: Don’t Forget to Duck

When I was young I had red hair and white skin…Thanks to the Bozos at the very top of our government it is now the other way around. My hair is white and my face is red…from embarrassment. I admit my hair was already white when Barack came upon us but I do believe that when he said we were 5 days away from fundamentally changing America that would have been instant whitening, like pulling a light switch.

With approval ratings in the toilet and Democrats joining the chorus of rebuff, you may think Obama is a loser. Funny thing, he hasn’t lost his arrogance or backed down on any item of the many that would have been the undoing of any Republican and I dare say few Democrat presidents could have withstood the outrage Barack earned but never seems to take head on. We take careful aim again and again but glancing blows are all he has had to deal with. The fundamental change has come to pass, total transformation may take a little longer. Barack doubles down and we are finally losing patience.

Fundamental change means our Judea Christian heritage is under siege. Total transformation will spell the rise of Islam and the absence of resistance. Fundamental change for me means America is no longer the land of opportunity. Entrepreneurs have to negotiate the most hostile environment in our history and as a result our middle class is shrinking, entitlement class is growing and you may think it odd but the wealthy are doing quite well, thank you. I will remind you that holds true in some of the most repressive societies on earth. Total transformation is when people are resolved to accept the status quo…when opportunity has no meaning. The battle for political supremacy is fought by disenfranchisement and suppression of those who believe in self determination, hard work and prayer. Political enemies are eliminated by character assassination, political dirty tricks, intimidation and from time to time, assassination. The cabal controls the media and their help is immeasurable. The so-called scandals that never get resolved serve to break down the will of the people until there is a general sense of helplessness. Ineptitude at the highest levels of government contributes to that feeling of powerlessness and in a twist of fate benefits the cabal.

The Office of Secretary of State is one of the most important positions in government. We’ve had 6 years of Hilary’s globe-trotting and pontiferous ineffectiveness but no one can pontificate with John Kerry. Hilary may have left heads of state she visited scratching their stately heads when she left, wondering what the heck she wanted but Kerry is more the buffoon who is apt to leave his hosts muttering obscenities. I’m sure the embattled Iraqi government had mental images of beheading the pompous ass but held their tempers because they really have no choice. What purpose did it serve to have Kerry fly into their midst to tell them what Barack has already said? Iraq has to solve their own problems and by the way, when your Muslim ass is carted out on a gurney the new government better be “all inclusive” or we won’t take sides again. We’ll remain neutral as long as it takes to get the government of our choice making Iraqis miserable in Sharia, joyous in Jihad and victorious over Israel. Barack is shifting the walnut shells but there is no decision under any of them. When seconds count we will come to your aid any minute now. I understand Morsi is available for cheap and he has a letter of recommendation from none other than the President of the Islamic States of America, Barack Hiself Obama.

I feel the ground shifting in America and a sense of desperation seems to be gathering momentum. The need to remove Barack is now evident to a few governors, quite a few Representatives, even a few Democrats and John Boehner is now readying a lawsuit. Always behind the curve, eventually the people will act. In the end only the people can restore the nation they entrusted to the wrong people.

Guido —

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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