The International Forecaster

6 29 14 Folks,

I am now honored to be published in The International Forecaster, a newsletter for world economic news, global and social trends, world politics, money, investment and health.

When time honored publications like the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are considered “liberal” and we have to analyze their content to feel certain that omissions or inclusions are not biased, we must seek reliable sources to confirm or contradict what we are spoon fed. It is not a matter of balance, as ideologues would have us believe, if one side is intent on silencing the other while carefully monitoring media they control.

The International Forecaster is such a reliable, intelligent resource that allows us to form independent opinions and increase our familiarity with subjects that are critical to our well being. Americans like Jennifer Gillotti, publisher of The International Forecaster and Fred Brownbill, publisher of Save America Foundation, and others, are patriots who sacrifice much to keep the rest of us informed and active in the outcome of our own destiny and we are indeed indebted. It truly behooves us to support their work and benefit from their purpose.

This is a wonderful age but it is also an age when misinformation travels as fast as actual facts and it is sometimes difficult to discern the difference. Save America provides us with invaluable analysis, valued opinions and exposure of events often intentionally overlooked by mainstream ideologues. Reliable sources are therefore crucial if we wish to be truly informed and educated with bias not an issue. You can trust the International Forecaster to have their finger on the pulse of pertinent topics in these critical times. At the core of their mission is a devotion to patriotism and the best interest of all Americans is their unwavering dedication.

The benefits of the information age are offset by the obvious negatives. We are inundated with information and risk information fatigue and confusion when opposite sides are trying to sway opinion and mold minds, intent on furthering a political agenda in complete contradiction to our Constitutional Heritage.

The International Forecaster goal is to bring truth and real news to people in a manner that can be understood by all. Their writers and contributors live around the world, which allows them to provide subscribers with true, relevant news that impacts our lives and future. Each issue is broken down by region; World markets, US, Commodities, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Health, and Links.

The International Forecaster is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays for subscribers via email, it averages 15-30 pages per issue. For those subscribers that do not have email, a hard copy issue is published and mailed twice a month and is 8 pages total.

For information on subscribing, visit:

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