Search Your Souls

You can choose between Jefferson and Einstein, Hilary and Barak.
George Bush did not lie but no one comes to his defense. Barak only lies and no one condemns him.
A traitor is freed and his liberator is doing cartwheels to exonerate him while a hero vegetates in a Mexican jail and all pleas, even from Congress, fall on deaf ears…A prime example of a dismissive president with illogical priorities who ignores the voice of the people with a royal wave of the hand.
Everyone has priorities so if Barak’s priorities differ from the mandate in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the expectations and priorities of the American people, just what are his priorities? Are we justified in using the same measure of performance we hold everyone else to? For instance shall we ignore his words or allow his press and his WH spokespersons to reinterpret his words so that they are less confrontational and not so ideological? If not then I can relate to you with certainty that Barak Hussein Obama holds Islam in higher regard than Christianity, Judaism and any other religious sect in America. I can state with certainty that he holds prisoners of war in higher esteem than he does our military, including wounded veterans. Are we to believe that American exceptionalism is a myth and the myth is the cause of anti American sentiment world wide? Read his lips. In word and deed Barak and his wife are as one on that score; America does not measure up.
IRS lost some emails…Not just any emails but the specific subpoenaed correspondence congress has been waiting over a year for, trying to determine the role of the central character in an investigation. IRS Official Lois Lerner, held in contempt of Congress for her obstinate refusal to testify after petulantly proclaiming her innocence, is willing to accept censure and loss of reputation and dignity, rather than reveal her part in the criminal role the IRS has in partisan Democrat politics. Barak knows we don’t believe the lost mail malarkey but the indigestible truth is he doesn’t care a whit whether we believe it or not. It’s a matter of double down, in your face domination and the correspondence of at least six more officials is gone missing too. These power hungry dictator minded partisans do not feel the need to craft credible fish tales for us to ponder. They glean more satisfaction giving us an unbelievable story and sticking to it and it feeds into the aura of superiority they wish to accustom us to. The imperial presidency is super sensitive to criticism and vindictive to a fault and no amount of feigned or even honest indignation, at this late date, is going to change a thing. They might just as well hold the emails up for all to see and tell us point blank we can’t have them. The response would have been the same…bloviation ad nauseum and another investigation punctuated with “what difference does it make”.
His remarks and non action in Iraq are even more revealing. No crisis in the Middle East is a crisis unless the Muslim Jihads are not toppling another government; that’s when Barak makes his move, Congress aside. We later accuse Barak of not understanding the consequences; he understands perfectly. Didn’t Barak say we would not lift a finger until Milaki resolves Iraq’s internal issues between the Shiites and the Sunnis? That is just code for give the reins of government to the terrorists; the same ones that ruled Iraq before we toppled Sodamn Insane, who kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check for 30 years. Slowly I have come to understand that not all Muslim terrorists are born equal. Barak chooses his Muslims and even he sometimes takes a minute to figure out which Muslim he is siding with. An American president does not make speeches and play golf while events on the world stage are spilling over jeopardizing American interests…unless the events suit his purpose. But then I have been trying to tell you that Barak is not an American president. Not according to his actions, his words and his curriculum vitae, such as we have been permitted to examine.
A “suspect” in the Benghazi attack has been captured. When did an attack on our embassy become a matter of civil law? An act of war, terror or direct bombing is no a tort! How the devil is a murdering, avowed enemy of the United States called a Suspect? They wouldn’t be trying to shift the focus away from Obama/Clinton malfeasance and dereliction of duty would they? Heaven forbid! If we leave our embassy unguarded and vulnerable to enemy attack we have every right to retaliate when the enemy takes advantage; but it seems to be another right we are not about to exercise. However, we have a Constitutional, moral and national obligation to punish the ones who left our flanks and our front door exposed; that would be the Secretary of Mistakes, Hilary Rotten Clinton and the Resident in defiance, our Commander in Sheik. Stop arresting suspects for God’s sake and lets please go back to killing them where they live. Our courts are for Americans.
I’d wager that the people of Pompeii were discussing local politics and the weather when the last surge of lava and volcanic ash buried them alive in animated poses not even able to make a valiant dash for safety. My dear fellow Americans; the volcano has erupted. I recommend we exit the premises. Secede and begin anew. Barak has us all wrong and underestimates our resolve if only we would gather our senses and respond in kind. He told us, he sold us and now he’s cashing in his chips. Lets punch his ticket.
If we won’t heed the Founders’ words perhaps Einstein can get through to us. Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.
Remove his guns not mine. His will be our undoing, mine his.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
The constitution is no longer a problematic document that has the order of authority reversed. As promised, Barak has made the founding document of this country irrelevant and rendered Congress impotent.
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