My Country ‘Tis of Thee

When Barack drops the “inclusive” word on a Middle Eastern dictator it is Obama, judge, jury and jihadist, passing sentence on another Sharia-resistant head of state, perhaps one that was not anti American. Arivaderci Arabic infidel. When Barack, preparing us to accept the outcome we least prefer, states we will not influence the outcome when American interests are at stake, he is telling us the outcome will not be to our liking; but it will be to his. When Barack the terrorist has chosen a side; rest assured it does not bode well for incumbents who do not embrace Sharia Law. Just to be clear; in Barack’s code-speak an inclusive government is one that invites terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, to participate in any new or reformed government that emerges after a blood bath or in lieu of one.

On domestic affairs Barack’s successes are the changes that transform us a nation, more closely resembling failed socialist states struggling for survival in Europe, Asia and South America. The arrogant, willfully malicious disregard for our laws is not what it seems. The aim is not to circumvent our laws, it is to denigrate and degrade the rule of law on a wholesale basis and desensitize us to moral and fiscal ineptitude. When this imperial egotist circumvents Congress, ignores Supreme Court rulings, issues edicts and refuses to enforce the laws of the land, these are willfully malicious acts of terror when considered in conjunction with all the other societal breakdowns we have been subjected to. What we endure as scandal after scandal with no apparent responsibility begins to appear more of a tactic to demoralize and discourage the electorate, on our way to an authoritarian style government. All employees of agencies that routinely harass and persecute are rewarded for contemptuous behavior and those who rail at injustice and strong arm tactics are punished and reviled for their trouble. “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” is divided as never before and liberty is infringed by justice reserved for the obedient. Play ball and you will be exempt, at least for a while, from the hardships being imposed on Americans to inure them to the fact that all men are born equal…unless they strive for individualism. Obama has said in plain English, that America is not exceptional; God knows what he has said in Arabic.

Today Americans in all walks of life are painfully aware that to disagree with this administration or any agency that has authority over our activities can incur some form of punishment, retribution or hardship. Government agencies, as a rule, and especially the IRS, have the right to deprive you of your rights. They were created to subvert the rule of law by imposing the rules they devise. This has been the case for many years it is true, but no administration has used government agencies to control and intimidate businesses, industries and the public at large for political and ideological purposes, to the extent that this regime has. An act of terrorism is to instill fear and insecurity to eliminate resistance to unorthodox demands; that is what is going on and I label it terror.

When you neglect a wound and allow it to fester too long it requires aggressive treatment to heal. Barack could have been removed with relative ease six years ago, when I equated the election of an unknown and not forthcoming stranger, to a cabal. I warned then that it would be increasingly difficult as time went on to remove him. The evidence we refused to accept is now too obvious to deny and suggests that it will take something akin to a hostile takeover to get the WH back. Bobby Jindahl may be the first public official to agree with me on that or the first official to agree publicly.

Unfortunately that will not restore the nation at this late date; it will now require something akin to revolution. We have six years of Barack’s edicts and radical laws to reverse and 100 years of incremental political conversion to undo. We are no longer a functioning Constitutional Republic or free market economy or a nation in which we can worship freely without possibility of rebuke. Foreign flags fly above ours in our homeland and at times in lieu of ours, without consequence. Our borders are guarded for exit only, not for entry and prisoners of war are called suspects and provided with the protection and dignity of our laws with no fear of the wrath of our armies. A Marine Sergeant languishes in a Mexican prison and a deserter is afforded every consideration and treatment denied millions of decorated veterans. I fear that I have but one life to give for my country and it may be taken in vain.

A planned secession led from the top is the least violent option left. Who has the courage to make it happen?

He is now armed and has a formidable militia on his side. Remove his guns to restore our sovereignty; you can’t have one without the other, bet your life on it.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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