Doves, Hawks and Vipers

While Al Gore, Hilary and Bill and guys like Dirty Harry, Barney Frank et ilk are beginning to think about their mortality, we who have to live in the results of their miserable existence, console ourselves in the firm belief that the good Lord will provide eternal warming for their reward.
Barak has another plan. That lying SOM (son of a Muslim) is begging Mohammed to cut a deal with Old Nick to swap Adolph Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Rasputin and Lucy Borden for his sorry arse. He’s well practiced in the art of inequality swaps. If Mohammed can pull it off, that would theoretically make Barak eligible to claim 72 virgins. I’m busy cloning Michelle 71 times to guarantee this bastard (technically correct) faces hell, no matter which way he goes. It won’t matter whether or not they’re virgins ’cause he ain’t gettin’ any anyway.
I’m already sick of hearing about Hilary’s “hard choices” and there’s still two years before elections. The “hard choices” were things like “do I tell Ambassador Jones to suck wind or let him find out the hard way?” “Do I have soft boiled eggs for breakfast or hard boiled?” “Do I set my adjustable mattress to soft setting or hard?” “How hard to I turn on Barak today?” The choice liberal sycophants are panting to hear was made while she lived in the WH as the president’s foil… she will run if she can get away with it. Nothing hard there. She might consider a run for Mayor of Ben Ghazi. What poetic justice if her bitter soul is condemned to roam the ruins of the Embassy for eternity.
As Secretary of State she must also bear some of the responsibility for the state of affairs in the Middle East. Wherever we have laid down the lives of our sacrificial military during the Obama/Clinton era of declining military process, there is now chaos, wanton murder, mass exodus and Muslim insurgence. The Muslim population in America is expanding exponentially tho it is likely the actual numbers are far greater than reported.
Israel is now dealing with a new Palestinian threat on the Gaza, enabled by America’s tacit approval and blatant shredding of U.S./Israel relations. The European Union (EU) works with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to build up the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian State, created out of whole cloth to eliminate Israel from the Middle East while we advise Israel to give until it hurts. Thankfully, Israel appears to have returned to her former policy of instant powerful reprisal for any threat or presumed attack, I pray not too little too late.
Barak is scaring the daylights out of Putin for unrestrained aggression, while renewed Muslim Aggression takes cities and countries never possible to them in the Middle East before Barak. America, now unappologetically Muslim supportive, is preaching a policy of non interference, coming from the radical left and of course from the far right Libertarian view. Even so-called voices of reason in the Republican ranks now caution against unwise interference in the problems of others that are of no concern to us. Now that we have suffered the indignity of total disrespect internationally we would like people to think our policy is one of noninterference where America’s vital interests are not in jeopardy. Horse manure! We are overrun with Muslims in America, France, England, Africa, and parts of Asia because the mole in the WH not only condones but is ideologically attuned to the rise of Islam in the world. America’s vital interests are in jeopardy as never before and so are the interests of our allies. In our hearts we know that “the best defense is a great offense” but Obama has never pursued a policy of offense against the Muslim Brotherhood or any of the Islamic Muslim terror organizations; he has ordained that we not recognize or name an enemy and the only enemy we have had to deal with since Vietnam has been Muslim. The world does not know doves and hawks when both are attacked by vipers.
The stated mission of the Islamic war machine is to convert the entire world to Islam and as we can plainly see they intend to enforce religious conversion by ruling the countries they overwhelm politically. The plum in that idealistic, sadistic quest is the United States of America and I am sure they are quite pleased with their progress, thanks to their man in our WH.
We did not defeat the islamic threat in the Middle East. We were satisfied to kill enough on both sides to give the Muslim Brotherhood clear sailing, as we retreat according to well advertised plans. Shame on us because the emboldened and greatly reinforced enemy, to some extent with money and weapons we supply them, will become more and more beligerent and militaristic in our towns and burbs as the President of the United States softens their target by edict, selective law enforcement and the persecution of all faiths not Muslim by virtue of the total and fundamental change we have undergone and the ultimate Islamic Fascist presence he will not resist.
Look around you my fellow Americans. You will not have the protection of local law enforcement, the National Guard or any military contingents; we are on our own, clinging to our guns and our faith…and therein lies our salvation. We did it before and we can do it again. The milita our Constitution speaks to is us.
May God be on our side,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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