What God Has Created Let No Man Put Asunder

Too many Americans act like the parent who refuses to believe a child who complains of being molested, when all the signs are apparent. I don’t know how else to tell my fellow Americans the truth…Some say it is exaggeration, some say it is over reaction, some say it’s blasphemous and disrespectful to the Office to say the things I am obliged to say. America is being systematically, serially and savagely ravaged and there has been no meaningful rejection of a government that has overstepped its authority and is actively engaged in denying the rightful authority of the people and the states, all at the behest of an imperial president.
My answer is, always was and will be that it is disrespectful to the Office, the Constitution and to those whose lives were sacrificed to protect our liberty and our freedoms, not to speak out. To deny the obvious is truly akin to denying an abused child the solace, comfort and protection of the parent, whose God given principal responsibility in life is to protect and defend the child. I regret that to date there has not been a responsible defense of the Constitutional Republic worthy of the responsibility citizenship entails.
Barack spoke these word today; “I am not going to apologize for doing something when Congress refuses to do anything.” In addition to being untruthful, it is an authoritarian, un-American, dictatorial statement that should strike fear and resentment in the hearts of free men and the two arms of government that are supposed to comprise the balance of power. Barack must be held accountable for taking the oath of office under false pretexts and swearing to a God he does not believe in. He has not broken the oath he took; he does not recognize that oath and is not qualified to hold public office in the United States of America. I ask with no misgiving that we remove him on those fundamental grounds and end the pussyfooting process of finding a narrow item of abuse to bring a feckless law suit. Barack is no more entitled to the due process of our court system than Ahmed Abu Khattala. Ahmed is not a suspect and neither is Barack Obama; they are perpetrators of death and destruction and Barack is by far the more potent and most dangerous.
Unlike any other country in the world our legacy is self government and it is incumbent upon us to guard the palace door. It is you and I who are responsible for the laws and mores the sovereign state we reside in must be accountable for and it is the state that assigns authority to the Federal Government to insure our protection and ability to engage in commerce without undue restriction. How we will ever get back to that simple but most elusive formula for self government is a dilemma of epic proportions. After decades of neglect and erosion it cannot be done without paying a very steep price. The price will give us pause because it requires that we once again are willing to sacrifice our very lives. We have paused long enough and it is time to make the decision of the ages. Will we live lives devoid of self detrmination and devotion to one God or will we succumb to the will of dictators who must suppress our achievments, our God given rights and our liberty, to hold the mantle of power?
A soft revolution in my mind is an organized, well orchestrated secession, led by a few good States who honor their sovereignty and the voice of the people and will lead this nation back to the rudiments of Judea Christian existence and self government.
Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His will silence us; mine will give us voice.
God bless us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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