Walk the Walk

So which is it Chuck? Timing was too crucial to notify Congress or Congress was given a heads up 90 days ago? Or do we get to have multiple choice to choose the lies we prefer?

It takes an awful lot for me to come down hard on an American wounded veteran but those credentials aren’t enough to keep one on the straight and narrow for life. John McCain wore out his hero’s welcome and there will be no sad songs for me when he scurries back to Nevada. He will never lose my respect for his service and the five year ordeal of incomprehensible maltreatment he suffered, despite the fact that his Senatorial integrity was left on the liberal doorstep.

Chuck Hagel is no John McCain. He will get from me a curt “thanks for your service” and my fervent prayer that he is forever known for his tenure as Obama’s flunky. His reputation is tarnished beyond repair, wounds self inflicted and far more serious than the wounds he suffered in battle. These wounds are inflicted on the American legacy of truth, honor, service to God and country and selfless sacrifice.

His testimony will live in infamy and can only be compared to Rice’s disregard for our credulity, his failed oath and the dead heroes he has betrayed by disrespecting their sacrifice. Sgt. Hagel you sold your soul to hold the office of Secretary of State in an administration that lives a lie and lies to live. For them you have earned your stripes in Obama’s private militia.

For the record Mr. Secretary, Bowe Bergdahl is a defector; a crime punishable by death. I see no reason why anyone willing to use the high office of Secretary of State of this beleaguered nation, to rewrite history so that history will misrepresent the current President of the United States and vindicate a traitor in the process, should not share that same fate. You sir, disgust me.

America must survive the weak willed, the morally bankrupt and the unprincipled acts of those who fail to honor the oath of office and do not acknowledge the role they play in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. We suffer fools and dismiss soothsayers to our detriment.

A revolution is coming. I am not a seer. A casual review of history or just the words of Thomas Jefferson who reviewed history for us, make it clear. “Liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots.”

Today’s disgusting procedure on Capitol Hill gives me cause to believe the time is coming sooner than we think.

God blessed America and will always bless a nation that respects His gifts to man; self determination and the right to self govern. Unfortunately the Creator knows we don’t always have the ability to walk the walk.



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