God’s Law and Our Rights

I have an opinion and a mission. Belay the opinion and
save the nation.

It is politically incorrect to speak one’s mind or express unpopular
opinions these days. To our shame as a society it begets charges of
racism, homophobia, anti Semitism or anything that discourages the
free exchange of ideas and demonizes the opposing message and
messenger. Actually even opinions that are widely held are
unacceptable when voiced, if they disagree with vocal liberal
minorities or the current administration’s agenda. The Right to free
speech has been co opted by the reigning intelligentsia who exercise
their free speech to suppress ours. The not so intelligent
intelligentsia would do well to realize that they can’t curtail
someone else’s free speech without jeopardizing their own. (nor can
you take away my guns without endangering your life). Every action has
a reaction.

If my comments below engender name calling my point is well taken.                                             
The majority of Americans arguably of course, are still conservative
and probably always will be. Conservatives are simply Americans who
have not allowed themselves to be indoctrinated or re educated.
Civilization itself is the refining of Conservative ideals.
Conservatives, along with many liberals I might add, know that
marriage is intended exclusively between a man and a woman. The bias
begins by demonizing Conservatives as radical right wing extremists. I
will only accept that label if someone comes forward who did not have
a female mother and a male father; someone with no belly button I
presume. No takers? Then my belief in that regard at least, is the
norm, not the extreme. An extreme position therefore, is when civil
authorities take it upon themselves to expand the parameters of
marriage, a sacred rite, to include same-sex unions, because a small
minority of Americans clamor for “fairness”. “Fairness” is the
catchword for Socialism and socialism is patently and grossly unfair.
Institutionalized fairness is always unfair to most of the electorate.
In case you don’t accept the Garden of Eden as the beginning of
mankind, show me two monkey’s of the same gender who have produced an
heir, unless you believe we are descended from worms. Only a man and a
woman can produce a child and marriage has provided the best possible
environment for that child for all warm blooded mammals, with rare

Those who claim to be egalistic and eminently tolerant are quite the
opposite when dealing with opinions that don’t jibe with their
unfounded conclusions on sex and marriage. This minority contradicts
mores and religious principles which date back to the Garden of Eden
and demand that we replace our Judea Christian teachings with their
ill-considered new ideas. These are the empty barrels of society that
ignore any precept that supports Conservative thought; which is
actually embodied in the Constitution. It is a mere baby step from
there to consider the Constitution a document that has outlived its
relativity and is subject to interpretation. Ironically the erosion of
our principles is effected by the very people who rely on the
protections found only in the Constitution. They ignore or take for
granted the fact that they are able to postulate in a manner and on
topics that would be heretic in many ancient societies and some
societies in existence now. Would homosexuals demand equal rights in

If same sex couples wish to raise children let them be called
guardians and the children can be called wards or step child. If a
couple wishes to be united legally I respect their motive and support
that amendment to the scope of legal unions and wish them all long,
loving and gratifying relationships. I hope every state in the union
respects their wishes and creates a legal solution that provides every
legal and personal protection they seek. We are all God’s children and
He loves us all equally well. Evidently He did not plan the same roles
on earth for every one of His creations, despite the liberal idea of
equality between the sexes. To pretend that two people of the same
gender fulfill the roles of two people of opposite gender is demeaning
to all of us, regardless of sexual orientation. Seek your purpose in
life and embrace it. Let’s face it; mister, the man sleeping next to
you is not your wife. Madame; the woman you love and admire is not
your husband. This does not mean you do not embrace the companionship,
mutual support and love a meaningful. permanent relationship has to

States that have developed a liberal bias will ignore the
physiological and human reproduction elements of marriage with the
purpose of creating families and grant activists, some well meaning no
doubt, an opportunity to blur the lines of faith, gender and societal
parameters. If religions will bless these unions they have my full
support, but I stop short of extending the rite of marriage to same
sex couples. Let’s be honest with each other and true to our human
design. Every human being knows that were it not for the natural union
of man and woman we would not exist. Nobody’s mother was a Petri dish
and I hope most agree that a child is better off when he/she refers to
the woman in the house as mother and the man in the house as daddy and
that first of all he/she lives in that environment. I do not doubt
that some same sex partners make better parents than some heteros but
nurturing instincts have nothing to do with the family unit or the
human condition. Nurturing requires elements of environment, love and
education. Parenting has the added ingredient of the relationship
intended by nature.

There is a difference between men and women just as there is between
the gay and the straight. We should embrace and celebrate that
difference and mankind will be richer for the contributions every
human being can make. Those contributions are stinted when we oppose
Mother Nature and let man or governments interfere in these roles and
we are all lesser for it.

These are not merely my opinions they are, to one who believes in God,
His laws. In a nation founded on Judea Christian principles these
beliefs are preeminent.

The erosion of our character and moral structure as humans and as
Americans is politically motivated. Judea Christian principles must be
discredited and subverted when a government strives to replace free
will and self motivation with laws and rules. It serves the purpose of
a cabal that is imposing Socialism to install a much harsher regime,
usually a dictatorship or as I believe to be the case now, Islamic
Fascism. Gay marriage and a million other sub issues are merely
distractions. The only argument worth having right now is whether we
want to restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic
or prefer to accept the decline of our society and the government it
will subject us to.

I object to everything Barak Obama stands for. I object to the fact
that he does not stand for the same things most Americans take for
granted; our Rights. I object to transformation and fundamental
change. As Americans we need to right the ship and if we do so the
arguments over borders, gender baiting, racial baiting and fiscal
responsibility will be resolved to the extent they they ever can be on
this earth. End the bickering. Demand that Barak be removed for cause;
we have many. Restore America as a functioning democratic,
constitutional republic. It is how we were born as a nation.

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