ideology does not change with tactics

3 12 13Folks,

All that is required to see the truth in the Middle East is to remain consistent. The Middle East is being transformed simultaneously with the United States. I admit that I underestimated Barak. I knew from his first words that Transformation and Change are dirty words and would bode us no good. The rule to not fix what ain’t broke is eternal and the U.S. may have strayed from our founding promise but we weren’t broken. We were at a cross roads, if you will, and a strong leader dedicated to his beliefs could have taken this country either way. We could have made a renewed commitment to our Judea Christian principles and Conservative values and by now we would be well on our way to balanced budgets and economic stability. Unfortunately for us the radical left saw our vulnerability and got to us first.

What I failed to see was Barak’s greater vision or that his transformation program included the Middle East. Now as events unfold it should be obvious to all that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood was part of the grand plan from the onset. Recall Obama’s first acts from his new seat of power. He not only visited Middle East potentates, he showed them great reverence and deference. Contrast that behavior with his treatment of the Queen of England; a shoddy, truly embarrassing gift and unbecoming familiarity from Barak and his bride to the Queen and other dignitaries.

Now Karzai the corrupt may be the epitome of evil but if you think he’s stupid the joke’s on you. We were barraged with every talking head in existence yesterday telling everyone who would listen that Karzai is a mad man, delusional, crazy and off his rocker. Hagel however was careful to treat him respectfully and assured him (and us) that the U.S. was not playing footsie with the Taliban as it was not in our best interest or the Afghan people’s. Hagel…have you come to any conclusions on Hagel’s competency for the job or his views on politics in the Middle East? Karzai is far more competent his job than Hagel is at his.

Karzai the fool sees the writing on the wall. Nothing will stop the Taliban from filling the vacuum we leave behind and Karzai will abscond with his ill gotten fortune and go live in lonesome luxury if he gets to live at all. The die is cast, he knows it, Hagel don’t got a clue, and Barak is merely waiting until the last domino is in place before he flips another country to the Muslim Brotherhood. From Hagel’s point of view it’s just another little problem for Israel; no love lost there.

What a lineup we have to defend our country. Barak, Kerry, Hagle, Napolitano and Holder are our starting five; the opposition is being mugged under the basket, tripped on fast break and blood-drawing fouled before the blind ref’s very eyes. Karzai is delusional because he is so dumb he ‘s trying to avoid the fate suffered by dictators or presidents, who while the rob their countries blind manage to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from legitimizing their bid for Sharia political power; until Barak the Savior was given the formula to transform half the world.

Look for a clean sweep in the Middle East ere long. Syria is on borrowed time and now Karzai smells the cyanide in his coffee.

The new Barak tactic of wining and dining his victims before the kill is simply that. The weasel is still a weasel and no deal will be achieved that doesn’t raise taxes, save obama Care or give Barak an unfettered right to spend. He’s going to need a whole lot more money to keep his Muslim Tribes from cannibalizing each other after they control the Middle East nations and get up the courage to decimate Israel.

Don’t fall for any of it. I believe, in my heart of hearts that as BHO likes to say, when push comes to shove, Barak will side with the losers he already has. Israel will emerge as the victor no matter how many Arabs punish their people with Sharia Law; and that is their Achilles heel anyway. The fanatics that wage Jihad are not as numerous as we are led to believe. Subjugated people will not fight with abandon and dedication if they have nothing worth fighting for. The one thing that motivates men to achieve their greatest potential and to overcome great odds is freedom. Once Americans end their brush with Islamic Fascism and crave their freedom, Obama will be cast aside and the Middle East will implode from death, hatred and tragedy. We will see the rays of a new dawn on the horizon if we want it.

Reject the movement that Barak represents; Barak has been exposed on every level of his existence. He is a fraud in our midst but an effective tool for his movement. All that remains is for us to believe what we see and not believe what we are told.

God Bless America. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me. 



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