God’s Secret War

On which side will you fall; God wages war as only He can. His is an eternal war of evil versus good, and the human race is very much engaged but few, if any of us, fully recognize our roles. Nevertheless the Lord decides how, when and if we are involved and we decide on whose side we reside.

I have come to believe that the battle ultimately will be decided by God’s chosen people, the Jews. Their never ending battle is with forces that see them as a threat and seek to marginalize, ostracize and indeed annihilate them entirely. I have come to believe that these hateful souls will never succeed and in the end the vindication of Jews will bode the return to Judea Christian moral values.

Consider that the Qur’an endorses and many Muslims embrace Jihad, if not actively at least sympathetically. Jihad calls for the conversion to Islam of all infidels with certain conditions attached. Where Jews are concerned, however, conversion is not an option; they are to be murdered in cold blood and the Muslim who contributes in this fashion will be rewarded in the afterlife. (Brace yourself Ahmed; unless you have an asbestos hide revelation will bear some disappointing realities in the hereafter). The fact is that proselytizing by force is the inhuman device that defies all of God’s laws which ordain that man is blessed with self determination and free will. Islam is dedicated to the task of converting, enslaving or killing every human being on the planet who opts for death over the two alternatives…unless of course they are Jews.

Judaism on the other hand is the only religion I know of that does not proselytize. You can voluntarily convert, but it’s not so easy and the long and short of it is you are either born a Jew or you’re not. Assuming you meet the stringent requirements and are accepted into the Jewish faith, your progeny go to end of the line; they are not born Jewish.

Among the Arabs who are Muslim there are Nomads but all Islamic Muslims relate to the Middle East and Mecca and it is their lifelong commitment to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. I believe that the vast majority of Muslims, even among the most devout, have no interest in Jihad and practice their faith with love and kindness toward their fellow man. I also believe that I do not have the knowledge or mental acuity to discern which Muslims are into Jihad and which are the peaceful ones and to tell the truth I don’t see that as my problem. It is a fact of life that millions of Islamic Muslims have embraced the Brotherhood or the antipathy they exhibit to achieve the goals they have set; the retardation and elimination of all other religions by force and intimidation. Good Muslims must decide for themselves how they deal with that reality.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood has been denied and ignored by most of the free world for decades but the worst offender in that regard is and has been the United States, despite countless attacks on our personnel, citizens and assets at sea, on foreign soil and in America. No administration has gone nearly as far as Barak to deny their intentions, protect their criminals and combatants and support their agenda verbally, financially and militarily. As hard as Obama works to provide comfort to our Islamic enemies Americans work equally hard to defend Obama’s Islamic agenda. At the same time Americans and people worldwide pray for intercession and wonder aloud why God has allowed this departure from grace. It is the blessing of free will and self determination that is a two edged sword amid our troubles and insecurities. If we had unbounded, unconditional faith in our Creator our fortunes would change dramatically but that is a work in progress for most humans. For some, agnostics and atheists, the work has not yet begun.

Our foibles prevent us from clearly understanding what is really expected of us if we intend to stop America’s decline and reverse our fortunes. There is consensus among conservatives that America has strayed from our core values so it is logical that we must reestablish our link with our Judea Christian heritage, or be swallowed whole as collateral damage in God’s secret war. The war between good and evil, between Jews and Muslims will decide the fate of all God’s children.

It is more likely that Jews were dispersed throughout the world to suit God’s purpose, than to believe that they simply were abandoned and destined to be the Remora of the human race, attaching themselves for a journey but never a to be the host. In fact Jews have been a dynamic force for human expansion wherever they settle, creating wealth, culture and inventive ingenuity. Their insatiable appetite for education produces professional practitioners in every field of endeavor but they are also a people of wit and humor, entertaining and producing entertainment. It is the Jews who demonstrated at their peril the benefits of capitalism wherever they took up residence. They were respectful of the countries that accepted them, quickly became self sufficient, adapted the ethnic traits but kept their Jewish heritage, uniting Jews globally despite their adopted languages and diverse customs. Through the centuries the Hebrew tongue remained a constant and the Yiddish language a communication form with sentimentality and unique expression; and despite the fact that they do not proselytize eventually their presence offended dictators and Czars who prosper and rule with far less objection when the masses are less ambitious and remain uneducated or educated by indoctrination and narrowly controlled information. The Jews in their midst are the antithesis of the ideology they preach.

Every dictator is a capitalist; they all enjoy massive income in comparison to their most successful subjects and the control of an entire population gives them cheap labor and high profits in the form of embezzlement, taxation and confiscation. Ironically capitalism is their enemy and those who teach or spread capitalism are persecuted and shut down.

From the day that Barry Soetero was chosen to be the face of transformation he has amassed a considerable fortune and it should be obvious to all that he has never shown an inclination or talent for capital accumulation. He has no talent and as an attorney was largely a reformer or rabble-rouser. He and his bride lived in a condo until they were discovered and the money rolled in along with a majestic home and property to boot. The road to the White House was paved with gold and unbridled arrogance, power and deceit.

Isn’t it ironic that Barak found it necessary to inform America of the grand contributions Islam has provided to humanity and the important role played by Islam in the development and history of America. Thank God it wasn’t a very long dissertation. If he had chosen instead to regale us with the contributions Jews have made to America’s culture and development he would no doubt still be talking. On a worldwide basis Israel’s contributions to mankind are uncountable. Israel is only around 65 years old and the list of medical advances, devices and medications patented along with engineering and manufacturing exceeds the combined total of the entire rest of the world. Israel is a model of entrepreneurship and capitalism at work only they cannot be expelled from their own country. Instead many countries, with the United States in the forefront, are working to convince Israel to cede territory enough to make them an easy target for military aggression and their final demise. America, a nation founded on the principles of Judea Christians laws, blessed with untold riches and the gift of self determination, and has an obligation to clean house and return to the principles and values that enabled our greatness. Obama’s ominous phrase of “you didn’t build that” is untrue and demeaning in a country that prospered on the fruits of capitalism and entrepreneurship but this nation could not have been born, could not have succeeded for this many years without the hand of God and His laws governing or early development. This nation has turned its back on God and sides with Muslim aggression. Today we are aiding and abetting the emerging Sharia compliant countries providing money, tanks, planes and most of all moral support. There is a large contingent of American Jews who do not understand that their people thrived on capitalism and entrepreneurship when opportunity was scarce and reserved for their hosts and now unwittingly side with liberal ideas that feed the forces that would destroy Judaism.

Islam grows by forceful proselytizing and is now seeking to dominate the Middle East militarily by subterfuge, revolution and control of nations in the throes of rebellion and mass murder. Their ultimate objective is to amass overwhelming force with the specter of Nuclear bombs, to finally eradicate their nemesis, if not the smallest nation on earth, only the size of New Jersey; only 1/640th the land mass occupied by the 22 Arab States, every one dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

So what is God’s plan? The scenario that is coming together will fulfill God’s promise to Abraham. Islamic Muslims fear Israel for good reason. The clash of the Titans will decide if the God of Abraham will deliver on His promise and unless Islamic Muslims can prevent the prophesy from coming to pass their God will finish a poor second and they, not infidels, will be relegated to the fires of hell and the trash heap of history. Whose side will you be on? The Muslim nations that have not progressed in two thousand years or the Nations of Abraham that have spread art, culture, education, medical inventions, scientific discovery, civil law and the value of religious devotion worldwide? Israel will not be defeated and their victory will vanquish Sharia compliant Jihadist motivated Muslims from all the nations they suck the life from and we will not hear of the rise of Islam for another 2000 years. Kill the head and the body falls.

I prefer not to take chances with by salvation. I choose a nation of people who have traveled far and wide yet remained unified. I choose a nation of people who remain faithful in the face of untold suffering and overwhelming odds and emerge undeterred. I choose a nation that has the weapons and power to destroy their enemy but shows compassion, restraint and patience beyond human endurance. I choose goodness over evil. I pray that Americans make the same choice and gather our wits about us to remove the enemy in our midst and restore our faith and cognition of The Creator’s place in our daily lives.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Obama be removed.

God bless America,


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