The World’s Greatest Hoax

I’m glad to see that some Republicans are not letting the administration off the hook on Benghazi. The officials from Barak to Hilary and down to the last man on the scene are involved in a mass cover up the likes of which this nation has never seen and no legitimate president would tolerate much less orchestrate. Every principal character has lied with impunity despite the fact that as they looked the cameras in the eye they had to be aware that no one believed a word they were saying. As for the survivors, who could provide invaluable information on the matter, it seems they have been put into a witness protection program; protecting the liars at the top, essentially. My torn and tattered flag remains at half mast, lest I forget that America is not honorably represented, good men are needlessly sacrificed and our country itself is mortally wounded.

The Benghazi debacle must not be looked at in a vacuum. It is an event that follows a pattern which should lead every American to suspect Obama’s motives, modus operandi and his loyalty. I say modus operandi because it is not easy to silence every single player involved, down to the lowest man on the totem pole; that requires a degree of cooperation that can only be achieved by intimidation.

I don’t believe that a mere president can exert that kind of intimidation without undue influence from associates behind the scenes with independent tentacles dedicated to a common cause. There is a Svengali behind the scenes that even Obama dares not cross; not that he has any inclination to go against the cabal. When you examine the decisions that Obama has imposed on the rest of us, including Congress and even the Supreme Court, the results of his agenda are chilling. Perhaps I am the only one reaching these conclusions but I seriously doubt that. I think people with a platform know when to stop opining or risk losing their credibility. I assume I have nothing to lose that I don’t willingly offer if it serves to wake America to the perils we are facing.

“There are no coincidences in politics”. Those were the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who played a major role in changing America from the ideals envisioned in the Constitution. Never the less I doubt that he would approve or participate in the Obama world vision. Not if he were to realize that world vision embraces a strong element of Islamic Fascism.

Let me start by quoting Obama’s own words. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” I don’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that those words are sufficient for me to call for his immediate removal; which I did even before he uttered those traitorous words. Call me what you will but Obama has spewed many an indictable phrase which should have resonated as suspect, even if you are not inclined to draw the same conclusions I do.

When the Commander in Chief says that our wounded veterans should pay for their own health care and use terms in doing so that show an utter disregard for the sacrifice and suffering these heroes undergo for their country, he earns the title of Commander in Sheik and is not worthy to inherit the impeccable legacy George Washington created.

Is the sweetest sound on earth the Muslim call to prayer? Really? Has America ever shown arrogance or been dismissive or derisive toward her allies? Evidently Barak was not raised in our America. The America I am part of has shown the greatest respect and cooperation to our allies and even our former enemies, I might add. Doesn’t it give you pause, to say the least, when the President of the United States harbors those thoughts and actually mouths those words in public? Does anyone buy the garbage that Islam has a long history of contributing to the formation and growth of this nation? George Washington wasn’t a Catholic but I don’t recall hearing about Muslims at Plymouth Rock, the Alamo or….ah wait…there were some Muslims I recall doing their darnedest to change the architecture in N.Y.C. and on the second attempt gave us our second day that will live in infamy.

I believe I do not belabor the point if I connect a couple of other notable dots. Osama Ben Laden could have been taken prisoner on several occasions over an extended time period. As a prisoner treated according to the Geneva Convention rules nobody gives a rat’s rear about except us, he would have provided insight and invaluable information not only about terrorism, warfare tactics and preparedness, but to my mind, of equal or greater importance, on the strategy and intent of the Muslim Brotherhood, the purpose and ultimate Jihad agenda. He could not have survived 10 years in blissful cohabitationif our efforts to capture him were not somehow sabotaged. Despite appearances to the contrary, our Special Forces are not inept, unless by design. In the end, when his presence and arrogance began to stink up the place it was important that Usama be eliminated to avoid interrogation but keeping his stature as an icon among his people intact, creating a martyr as a result. We killed him single handed as I heard tell and them some unknown entity provided him a dignified Muslim burial at sea, careful not to desecrate his body or his memory in the eyes of Jihadists, terrorists, and Islamic supremacists. On board ship Americans were forced to follow the Muslim rituals required under Sharia Law, and we did so. When his remains were committed to the deep blue sea our American sailors were restricted to their duty stations or quarters; infidels should not witness the passing of a great Islamic leader. If history is recorded properly future Americans will know that the day we created a martyr for our enemy was not a proud moment for us.

Almost forgotten after years of possible imprisonment or house arrest, one Suleiman Abu Ghaith has been taken into custody due to the vigilance and commitment of the Massad, Israel’s Special Op division, thankfully beyond Obama and his minion’s influence and intimidation. Usama Ben Laden’s son in law was held in high esteem for not returning the chattel or having her stoned in the public square. But I stray. This joker was the Senior Communications Officer for Al Qaeda. Our loyal CIA operatives and commanders (assuming Barak hasn’t purged them all) would salivate for the opportunity to delve into the mind of this prime enemy combatant. If given my druthers I’d water board the S.O.B before each meal and not feed the Bastard unless he coughed up some salacious goodies with the excess water. From my perspective, this capture must have produced a few beads of perspiration on Barak’s brow when his bosses hit the panic button. (This where it comes in real handy to have Eric Holder as your partner in crime). Sully was read the Miranda Rights; end of problem. That buttoned his lip unconstitutionally but effectively and we’ll never hear the sweetest sound on earth…Sully spilling the beans before evening prayers. Just as though he was an American citizen he pled innocentand asked the court if he could also take the fifth, like a real American. 

Anyway, Obama’s flunkies are out in front of the story just in case, telling us in matter of fact tones, that Sully has been out of action so long he couldn’t possibly have anything relevant to offer. Besides, his role in Al Qaeda is greatly exaggerated. If he wasn’t Usama’s son in law we probably never would have heard of him. No big deal. Al Qaeda always chooses a nobody to send an important message; to give notice, if you will, and so a nobody we affectionately call Sully dropped the dime on Sadam Hussein before any of us knew he was marked for extinction; then we obligingly humiliated the one man standing between the Muslim Brotherhood and recognition as a head of state. “Sadam has got to go” was like a verbal drone that spelled disaster for a madman so madmen could come to power; thank Barak Hussein (call me Barry) Obama.

I hope you see the underlying objective to give aid and comfort to our enemy; the one Obama says is not our enemy or that we can’t use a verb or adjective to describe whoever or whatever they are.

In the same mode and with Muslim ascendancy still a priority, our home grown American hater, and now Secretary of Defense, John, “I voted against the bill before I voted for it”, Kerry, just gave the Muslim Brotherhood a $250,000,000 pittance to hold them over until we could clinch some real bucks for them from the International Monetary fund. Just a token of our esteem and some gas money for the tanks and planes Barak gifted them. Not to worry; Barak will actually pay a personal visit to Israel just to show them we have no hard feelings because they wouldn’t turn over the Holy City to Barak’s buddies.

The beat goes on my dear fellow citizens. These are not the acts of a United States president with a vision for America’s future that is even close to compatible with a government by the people. His is a vision of Islamic Fascist, Sharia law, one world government. His castle in Hawaii will serve as world headquarters. We will submit or face the consequences.

I haven’t given in nor do I believe the American people will submit to this outrageous plan for our future. We are Americans and our heritage will take hold in us and the future of our children will dictate our actions. Reject this impostor and claim our country, warts and all; the imperfect democratic Constitutional Republic we are proud to own for posterity. Depose, eliminate, reject and remove Barack Hussein Obama so he can go back to being Barry Soetero and we can go back to being a democratic Constitutional Republic.

End the Revolution which is inevitable unless we act, before it begins. Disarm Obama not me.


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