Stand and Be Counted

Of course we don’t know how we will react in a given situation until we are in it but I’ve lived long enough and been in a few tight spots along the way so I can say that I am reasonably sure I would not go to the gallows quietly.

I would risk dying on the path for the unlikely odds of making a getaway, or at least maiming a few of my captors before I go. My dad used to say it is better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep. Others will judge the lion in me but no one will ever say they heard me bleat.

Now I find myself, along with 300 million of my compatriots, being prodded, furcated, pushed, steered and cajoled on a sure path to Islamic Socialism. The loss of the Republic is assured as long as we are willing to discuss the degree to which it has been compromised. We are not suffering the fate of death by a million paper cuts…we have endured a million saber slashes and our response is to argue whether the wounds are paper cuts or saber slashes, copious amounts of blood and pride notwithstanding. 

I now realize that we are likely going to talk this great nation to death before we rally our troops, muster our courage and take matters into our own hands. The call for Americans to “take back our country” resounds across this land from shore to shore and border to border. Like the old saw about the weather, everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it. The multitude of patriots who now see clearly the peril before us is staggering. We are no longer a silent majority, or a radical minority. The hue and cry has reached fever pitch and is approaching mass hysteria. Still we do not act; we call for more resolve and determination.

On his way to the White House and during his early occupancy, Obama fired more shots across our bow than the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard combined in their entire history at sea chasing bad guys. We were appalled, he was emboldened.

He ignored the High Court, circumvented Congress, punished his detractors and rewarded his sycophants blatantly and brazenly. We were indignant he was encouraged.

He insulted and dismissed our allies, gave comfort and aide to our enemies. We were dismayed. He was fortified.

He told us he did not want our guns and that he believes in the Second Amendment even as he unleashed every arrow in his quiver to deny us our guns. We’re indignant and recalcitrant he’s more determined and adamant than ever.

We are now convinced that what was evident from his day and a half in the Senate to his lies and denials on every aspect of his biography including his choice of religion, that his only consistency is to take the positions least likely to benefit America and most likely to benefit our enemies. We are fighting mad and he is confident that our anger will soon be abated by any number of distractions and crisis’s he is most willing to provide.

It is confounding to me that the majority of Americans, including most politicians and pundits are still engaged in a political debate between left and right, Democrat or Republican. The sink hole will swallow all who curiously observe the slight indentation in the earth that ignore the possibilities until it is too late. Barak Obama, disguised as a Democrat, is not concerned with political affiliations of the jobless, the disenfranchised, victims of taxation and confiscation or those sacrificed on the field of honor as our defenses are diminished. The Republic is being transformed along with all who reside here legally or illegally, pro government or anti government. The surviving entity will not be elected and he will not represent the people.

If we argue over the size of government the type of government has long since been decided. The Constitution is not ambiguous and clearly defines the roles of the people and the role of government. We cannot treat it like a salami and believe that no one will miss one teeny little slice but that has been our attitude and permissive behavior since George Washington refused to be king. Every word is pertinent, intended and sacred.

If we still have the will to live in a functioning Constitutional Republic we must take the appropriate actions to restore what we have or secede and start over. I opt for the latter knowing full well it is the most difficult to achieve but cognizant that it would be the least costly in lives and sovereign solidarity. We are Americans joined by a Constitution. I pray we will not become Americans divided by ignorance.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not the electorate. Protect your Right to have and bear arms for the reasons intended in the Constitution; to defend against tyranny in government and enemies from within and from without. Right now the enemy within came from outside our culture and society and we must act.

God Bless America.



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