Too Soon Ve Grow Oldt; Too Late ve Grow Smart

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry voiced “conditional” support for
the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, saying Washington was “steadfast
in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty
….” “We will not support any treaty that would be inconsistent with
U.S. law and the rights of American citizens under our Constitution,
including the Second Amendment.” Politician double speak for “I’m
doing the exact opposite of what I’m telling you but you’re too dumb
to figure me out.” We’re not fooled John. Just to be sure, J.K.,
promise you mean what you say, then I’ll feel safe even with you and
Barak running around making treasonous deals…I promise.

Johnboy…You ignorant so and so…and you are either ignorant or a
treasonous conspirator in league to change the form of government we
have, or likely both, there will be a comeuppance in America and
pipsqueaks like you will be held accountable, so help me God.

Details won’t get in your way but your attempt to use the United
Nations to disarm us is inconsistent with every American definition of
Sovereignty, the spirit of the word sovereignty, the spirit and
meaning of the word infringement, blatantly unconstitutional and
unenforceable. Look up the reference to infringement in the Second
Amendment; it doesn’t distinguish between idiots like you torturing
the meaning of the Second Amendment or sticking it to us through a
foreign organization…even one we support practically single handed
despite their disdain for our positions as a matter of policy. P.S.
Only two countries in the world have citizen’s rights to bear arms;
Israel and America. We’ll consider this “Treaty” after Israel signs
up. Good luck with that.

When you tossed the medals you didn’t earn over the White House fence
you showed the same disdain for their value that we who believe in
America hold for you.  Would that I could toss you over a fence…only
problem is no matter which fence I choose the recipients on the other
side will no doubt toss you back.

Now I’m reduced to name calling, but folks if you want to know what’s
wrong with America besides our own indifference, John K is the poster
boy for politicians who think they are above the system and know
better than the people who stupidly sent them to Washington. Barak
scooped him up because he knows a good co-conspirator when he sees
one; look who he picked for V.P.

Let’s make some changes.

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