Perhaps We Have Found Our Leader

We have much to be aware on the Ides of March.

In America few of us have ever heard of the humble Cardinal from Argentina, now Pope Francis 1. What we learned since he was sworn is testimony that leads me to believe and pray that he is the right man for these times.

A Pope has daunting responsibility. He is the Pontiff of the Church and Head of a Sovereign City-State, the Vatican, with over a billion Catholic subjects spread worldwide. Each succeeding Pope brings a unique aura to the Papacy and their personal demeanor, priorities and views affect global religious and political trends. People of all faiths to some degree have opined on what they believe should be on the Pontiff’s agenda in his lifetime. When a new Pope is inaugurated it can be expected that the Church’s faults will be revisited and people will speculate on the chances of really doing something meaningful to repair some of the damage done.

I share most if not all of the concerns, especially over abused children and the protection of pedophile priests. I believe the restrictions on marriage for the clergy should be lifted worldwide. But I have another concern; one that I believe holds the portent of life and death. The Church should speak out forcefully against the Muslim Brotherhood and their policy of Jihad, condemning the organization that preaches persecution, Dhimmitude and forced conversion.

Islamic Jihad is part and parcel to the Qur’an and by any measure is an uncivilized precept but as a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood it opens the potential for mass murder to achieve a political victory. I have nothing against proselytizing; most churches seek converts but do not attempt to rob potential followers of free will in the process. From all indications Islam is not concerned with free will to a great extent but the Muslim Brotherhood encourages the actual murder, taxation and or enslavement of all infidels. In the end the Muslim Brotherhood has a political goal which takes precedence over any religious soul saving ideology and they have shown for hundreds of years that they hold little value for life. Jihad is their intimidating wedge and bludgeon.

The new Pope can and should be a strong influence to give Catholics and all Christians the moral strength to reject these tactics even in the face of great bodily harm or death. It is of equal importance that Christians stand with Jews, fight fire with fire and not allow the Creator to be subjugated to false Gods or any people to be marked for annihilation. Unless we begin now to expose and recognize the threat to civilized society these Muslims intend to wreak on humanity we will be late to summon up the courage needed to put the cork back in the bottle. Muslims are well aware of their weakness and that is the cause for their extreme sensitivity and animus toward any outward attempts to reveal their true nature and intentions. To them I say “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” For every one of mine you take I demand 10 in return. I do not believe they respect any other posture among their foes. I am not the foe of the Muslim Brotherhood or any member of Islam by choice. It is they who have openly declared war on all infidels. I am merely reacting to their stated objectives.

If you think that Socialists cannot gain popularity with the use of candor, a Religious/Political organization that has bad intentions and recommends to all of their followers that it is best to lie to win a political advantage will stop at nothing to achieve their radical goal of total domination; it is so written.

I will pray for this Pope, especially in view of his humility in asking for our prayers. I will pray that among his pressing priorities he recognizes the prospect of his flock being subjected to Holy War and not be adequately informed or prepared.

Obama’s removal would be an important first step toward the ultimate rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Fascism. Call for his removal by any and every legal means available to us; for in the end…revolution is not the legal option but it is the ultimate cure for our inattention to the affairs of state and the neglect of our Judea Christian heritage. This government of the people, by the people and for the people has very little concern for the will of the people.

God Bless Pope Francis1; America needs a strong leader and who better than The Servant of the Servants of God. The man we call president does not have our best interest in mind.

In the interest of full disclosure, for those who don’t know, I am a Roman Catholic and a product of St. John Bosco Salesian Brothers middle school in New Rochelle, N.Y. 6th Grade through first year of high school. I completed 2nd-4th year and was graduated from Fort Hamilton H.S. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N.Y.




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