Wishing Don’t Make it So.

Obama is the most predictable obfuscator in history. Americans are the
most gullible optimists in history. Obfuscation is not the same as
lying but to obfuscate with great effectiveness one must perfect the
art of prevarication. In other words it takes a lying SOB to make you
doubt your lying eyes.

While it is true that Israel is the recipient of approximately 3
Billion a year in a support package it has nothing to do with obama
administration policies. In August 2007, the Bush administration
signed a “memorandum of understanding” that outlined a 10-year
framework for U.S. military assistance to Israel, according to the
Congressional Research Service. It calls for incremental yearly
increases in foreign military financing to Israel, exceeding $3
billion by 2017.

The Obama administration has met that obligation but to listen to
Barak it is his initiative. In fact Barak’s only initiative in
providing military and financial assistance in the Middle East is to
balance the tables and provide as much assistance to the Muslim
Brotherhood as possible, considering the resistance from Congress to
aid an enemy.

His visit to Israel and a show of camaraderie between Benjamin
Netanyahu and himself is just that…a show. If you want to see
Obama’s real “blooming admiration and friendship” face pay close
attention to his demeanor in the presence of Shahs, Emirs and Russia’s

Consider this. In Biblical accounts and in every political instance in
history, evil always presents itself disguised as a benevolent spirit,
a friendly snake or a non threatening entity of one sort or another;
never forthright or unmasked. Socialists, Communists, Fascists and
Dictators are always reformers, freedom fighters and benefactors. To
plunge a knife into your opponent’s heart you must first get close
enough and not be suspected of treachery. (Et tu Brute?) What prompted
this visit to Israel? Was obama repentant for his shoddy treatment of
Israel (Netanyahu) in the past? Did he offer an apology? What was
accomplished by this visit? Did obama bring more aid, a strategic plan
to protect Israel from her enemies? Did he use the occasion to condemn
those who threaten Israel with death and distruction? Realistically he
used the platform to tell us that any impression we held that their
was antipathy toward Israel or discord between Benjamin and Barak was
a figment of our imaginations. He left out “so help me God” but that
was to be expected from the man who cannot be truly associated with
any God, except perhaps Mohammed.

If you insist on putting stock in Obama’s words please be consistent.
His anti Israel and pro Islam statements far, far outnumber his lies
to put us at ease.

Israel, please take the necessary steps to defend yourselves.
Americans are with you but for the moment America is not.

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