The Socialist Lie-trap

Isn’t it good to hear all the great news on the economy? Finally a left/right consensus that things are looking up! But do we have our priorities straight? I hate to break it to you but the improvements are misleading and the Right is no more forthcoming than the Left. It’s the “operation was successful but the patient died” on a socio/economic, political level.

Obama has done zilch, nada, zip, zero to help the economy, create jobs or pay down debt…Tax revenues are up but spending is up even more…that is the answer in a nutshell. But a look behind the curtain is what we need to see the big picture. Unemployment stats are part of the lie…The only number we should concern ourselves with is how many Americans are not working…A certain number of jobs do open up due to attrition…retirement is one factor that creates employment but is really a wash and new wealth also creates jobs; and there is plenty of new wealth around, creating a few jobs that Barack takes credit for but doesn’t have a clue as to what to do about it.

No doubt new wealth has been generated by a perennially bullish stock market and some industry sectors. The market once was an economic indicator but that was when the middle class participated in equity finance. This market is being driven by historically low and prolonged interest rates and is not an indicator of the patient’s real condition. Those who can afford the risk do so because there are few options to put dollars to work that the average investor is familiar with. High income investors benefit from tax write-offs against losses and a lower tax rate on capital gains, vs. regular income. With a declining middle class and little opportunity for shared risk investment, we are not creating a middle class American worker. The government still reports part time employment as job creation when actually, if you think about it, part time employment further depletes the middle class society. The rich are getting richer, and to certain extent they help keep employment numbers from plummeting like a meteorite that breaks into the earth’s atmosphere. The nouveau rich are buying homes for cash because even they find it difficult to qualify for jumbo mortgages, so construction workers, handymen, gardeners, maids, and associated trades are finding employment. High tech jobs are also high paying and the wealthy demand convenience, toys and innovation. In other words, despite government ideological transformation people are creative and resourceful and even in Communist Russia capitalists create and the government may bleed them but does not kill them. This American “recovery” is a superficial phenomenon and not a product of the free market. There is a top and a bottom but no middle. Even in Greece the entrepreneurial spirit drove the people most impacted by the economic failure to barter…the very essence of entrepreneurship and free market economies.

Our America, the America of innate self determination and free will, has been transformed. The improving economy is really the result of humans adjusting for survival or enjoying the fruits of an economy that only the rich can partake in. The land of the free and the brave realistically, now is not enjoying socialized medicine, government only student loan programs, common core education, a fancy way of saying on size fits all government dictated standards, government owned businesses, government controlled and owned banks, government sponsored and government condoned religious persecution, free speech redefined, government agencies like the EPA with armed enforcement, outright legal and edict assaults on Constitutional rights, such as free speech, the right to have and bear arms, government enforced open border policies, criminals being released from prisons, government assistance extended to illegal aliens and an unprecedented increase in assistance programs, confiscation of private property, reduction in military preparedness, the betrayal of allies and the befriending, coddling and protection of enemies. The misplaced joy of a slightly improving economy in which not one government action or program can legitimately claim credit for is insignificant in terms of the transformation that is and has occurred and may to a large extent be irreversible.

This administration, essentially Barack Obama and John Kerry are trying to convince the European nations that an American led deal enabling Iran to join the nuclear community and reduce or eliminate sanctions is not insane while they have lost all concern for the opinion of Congress or the American people, is clearly an indication of contempt that can only be displayed when your original goals to transform this country are essentially met.

There is no negotiation in progress. What we are dealing with is a cabal that is trying its damndest to complete the strategic plan to give the Muslim Brotherhood total domination of the Middle East so that the forces of evil will overwhelm and destroy Israel. Kerry will not leave the negotiating table no matter how America is humiliated or Israel is compromised. Yesterday Iranian Brigadier General Naqdi put one more little condition on the table, that Obama and Kerry had already conceded, but were probably not prepared to have made known publicly; “Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable”. Kerry didn’t raise an eyebrow, let the “deadline” expire and stayed the course…After all aren’t we attached at the hip with our new best friend, bombing Tikrit together and promising to support a ground initiative? In truth are we not arguing for Iran’s case at these farcical negotiations?

I don’t begrudge the affluent society’s taking advantage of a fluke in the economy to increase their wealth. I would do the same and so would anyone with a scintilla of sense. The rest of us should not be lied to without consequences. The fundamental change is upon us, gaining momentum and ipso facto a done deal.The socialist movement in America is only a device to dismember the Constitutional Republic which has already been replaced by the Obama dictatorship. We are simply growing accustomed to the new normal.

The space program gave us a ball point pen that defies gravity; Obama invented a pen that never runs out of ink.

Call for the removal of the cabal that holds America hostage. Barack Obama is full tilt forward to make the Islamic ambition to dominate the world a reality…he is their key man without key man insurance. He can be removed, held accountable and punished appropriately. See to it. The silenced middle class still has the power to bring real change…just as we had the power to prevent change, but failed to do so. Will we fail again?


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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