Who Can We Turn to?

Flying over enemy territory, our airmen could hear shouts from a distance, barely audible at first, but gaining in decibels and shrill hatred with each mission. It is the most unnerving and hideous effect one could imagine….Our troops on the ground could hear the same profane calls from across desert dunes; the same strains of hatred, almost eerie and supernatural, seeming to pervade the atmosphere…

Death to America! Death to America! Sure the enemy hates us, that goes without saying and even makes our job less distasteful…But then many of our returning veterans, reading a newspaper over a cup of coffee, or just trying to enjoy the pastoral American countryside, began to hear those same shouts, right here in America! Could it be? On closer examination and with more and more Americans reporting the same phenomena, it soon becomes evident, the cries for America’s death, no longer muted, are actually coming from the White House! We can all translate Obama’s empty words of victory and success in the face of disaster, to get his true meaning.

Our Airmen, flying missions over enemy territory, would look over at the planes of allies flying the same mission, expecting an Israeli or French pilot to return their salute, could not believe that joining them on the mission were Iranian and Saudi jet planes and their pilots could be seen mouthing the words and gesture with two fingers across their necks…”death to America”!

Is Barack right?…We have no enemies? America is not at war with Islam and “never will be as long as I am president”. There are a few renegades acting out their frustrations but we’ll get them jobs, so no problem there. As easily as a Mexican alien serving breakfast burritos in el Barrio can say “Ola Americano” with no rancor or animosity, Iranian leaders can publicly expound, “death to America” blithely, while they concoct nuclear bombs proudly designated for Israel, negotiate in bad faith with all comers, laugh behind Kerry’s and Barack’s backs so that we can all see and fly sorties with our pilots to take another Muslim city for their collection. They’re great kidders. Bless the ground Obama treads, peace has come to America; we have no enemies…only allies we still can’t convert to Islam…

Good for Congress! They passed a bipartisan Bill to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients! What a magnificent achievement, considering there is no enemy in the White House overseeing the death of America, coddling our enemies, punishing our allies and making America the sad laughing stock of friends and foes alike.

Is not the Commander in Chief subject to military rule? Can someone in the Pentagon, perhaps unable to polish this tarnish on his brass stars, growing weary of the Commander in Chief’s willful disregard for the advice of American career soldiers, let Bergdahl rot in jail and bring charges against Barack for endangering the country, leaving his post and siding with the enemy? Must we choose sides when two enemies conflict? Must we turn our cheek when the Commander in Chief makes it a threesome? Must we suffer the consequences when the enemy of our enemy takes Barack to the dance and he goes home with our enemy?

Barack must be removed. It is becoming evident that America should not have to survive two more years of demolition from within. He has told us and shown us where his allegiance lies…

If our elected officials turn a blind eye and deaf ears it behooves the American electorate to do what our founders bade us to do. Take matters in our own hands and put this country back on the path to recovery. Write, call, demonstrate…remain silent no longer. I call for Obama’s removal, accountability and appropriate punishment, for the love of God, Country and future generations.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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