A RINO Country is a Disintegrating Affair

Voices of reason are not those that compromise for the sake of harmony between ideologies. True conservatives are consistent in opposing liberal ideas and democrat agendas that erode our freedom but they are as rare as Dodo birds in our current political climate. Freedom of speech is derived from our Judea Christian formula for achievement. The order of authority is from our Maker to the people, from the people to the states and from the states to government, which is limited to expressly assigned duties; hence our freedoms have nothing to do with government. The Bill of Rights tells government what it shall not do, not what we can do, for a purpose.

Compromise is the cause of 240 years of indecisiveness and pendulum-like political party initiatives. Ben Franklin and the rest of our founders compromised to establish a Constitutional Republic instead of an autocracy and the dissenters never quit conspiring for less self-government. Now the Left is running two communists for the presidency. If you think Hillary is not a communist you haven’t paid attention. The problem is that when someone makes a blunt statement of fact the messenger is discredited along with the message in a politically correct environment. No communist or Barack, whatever he is, can take the oath of office honorably. Most Democrats cannot either. It expressly requires that the oath-taker preserves the Constitution.

There should be no harmony between opposing ideologies, just civility, although Democrats have foregone civility as a tactic to intimidate and impose their programs for years. Conservative politicians who claim that compromise is a talent are just sellouts with no integrity. On the other hand, Democrats have raised the knack of compromise to an art form because they are dismantling our Republic one Bill at a time, one edict at a time…incrementally, if you will.

But now we have a president, Barack Hussein, who does not compromise. For him the days of incremental politics are over. If Republicans don’t agree with him they are “obstructionists” and as long as the Senate would not accept a Bill from Congress he could call them a “do-nothing” Congress and issue edicts to get things done that would otherwise not see the light of day. The Republicans have ceded so much authority by being outsmarted, denigrated and intimidated that Barack comes more than close to being a dictator and he revels in the power he has appropriated.

Our Constitutional Republic is so disfigured and transformed that most Americans, even the politicians we elect to represent the Conservative faction, have forgotten what the original purpose and design was intended to be…when they don’t capitulate they compromise…and with each concession to the left “to get things done” we go further and further from our origins. Barack set out to transform America, something he could not possibly accomplish without the unwitting or complicit and ignorant cooperation of those he had to conquer to succeed. He got and is getting all the help he needs, God help us.

A majority of us see his entire presidency as an outrageous attack on conservative values, our traditional heritage, our integrity and freedom. Among this majority there has not yet stepped forward one group that fears for our future so greatly that I have hopes that America will survive, reverse course and restore a functioning Constitutional Republic. This time, if we are so blessed to warrant a second chance, let us put the safeguards in place that our forefathers were forced to compromise.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause…we have many. See to it that he is held accountable, punished and banished. A Constitutional Republic can only survive on the fuel of capitalism. Capitalism is the soul of free will and self determination and those are the qualities Barack has targeted for extinction.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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