Mendacity is a Mushroom Cloud Formula

Obama’s Version of Peace, Prosperity (and Mendacity) is a Mushroom Cloud Formula.

The concept of global warming, which disregards historical data, our own eyes and the most qualified experts, is imposed on us like a pagan-like religious tenet; it requires blind faith to accept the premise and a suspension of native intelligence. We must deny our inherent belief in nature, which for most humans represents the Creator’s master plan. We are told to take the word of serial liars that man’s activity on a very small piece of the planet is affecting the balance of nature globally and we don’t reject the inanity that we must pay to pollute, pay to turn back the effects of the sun and pay to be lied to.

The idea that global warming, according to Barack et al, is a greater peril than terrorism, is inferring or indoctrinating that radical Islam is not the sponsor or perpetrator of heinous crimes against humanity. We call it terrorism, because there is no term in any language that can properly describe the horror and evil the world is being subjected to in the name of Islam. Barack offers no strategy or willingness to end murderous aggression and threats to destroy America with dignity and finality. Instead Barack gives Iran, the empire of evil, the respect and indulgence he withholds from the one ally that sees radical Islam clearly and urges all nations to take steps for self preservation. Obviously this sensible course of action flies in the face of Barack’s covert, unilateral plans to prevent a full scale effective offensive against Islamic Jihad and its reign of terror.

The flower of our youth is put in harm’s way to do battle but we must not tell anyone what or whom they are battling. One thing is becoming frighteningly evident…our army is fighting and dying while Barack is coddling and enabling the enemy behind closed doors, out of earshot of Congress and the American people. Perhaps the term “we have to pass the Bill so we can learn what’s in it” is not exclusive to Nancy P. or not even her concept. It sounds like treason but it is far worse…Barack sends our troops into harm’s way with the authority of Commander in Chief, while he executes an agenda to pacify, enable and arm the forces that threaten our very existence. The Islamic Jihad verbalized by Iranian officials and every terrorist organization extant, is waging holocaust against Christians and swears to wipe Israel off the map; Barack is moving swiftly to condemn, sacrifice and compromise Israel and entreats anti Christian activism to sweep across our nation. Barack is not an incompetent ideologue; he is a successful ideologue, in the role of double agent; or doing what a double agent wishes he could do.

Barack has been exposed, Islam has been exposed but the ax is never raised in reprisal. No administration in the history of this country has endured more scandals or given more cause for suspicion of malfeasance than this one. By comparison Tammany Hall is a chapel on the hill and Boss Tweed an arch angel with merely a twitch. This Islamic Fascist has promised to transform America and we were not careful in what we asked for and careless in choosing who we asked. Barack Insane Obama promised transformation and we gave him carte blanche. I’m not sure we deserve a second chance but we sure do need one. Second chances are not given they must be earned and taken…Secession comes to mind…revolution may be inevitable…But nothing has the power to change greater than the will of the people.

A Country needs to have a common moral thread to survive long term. Italy was something like 90% Catholic during WW 2 and most Italians would not raise arms against Americans, including their military…Israel was founded by Jews immigrating from many countries to live where there was a commonality of faith and belief and they repelled armies and ideologies far greater in numbers but lacking the moral conviction of one Israeli patriot…America was predominantly Christian and our laws were based Judea Christian principles when we turned back the Godless Nazi bid for world domination and demonstrated to the world that the United States of America is a moral nation whose people thrive and succeed because they are free to achieve their highest potential and worship as they please; but we left no doubt that our moral fiber stemmed from a common belief that only God is Supreme and our freedom is inherent in that belief. We accomplished great things in that time. We can succeed again to defeat a threat even greater than the forces of WW 2 but we must understand that it is a religious war and without a common will to maintain our Judea Christian heritage this will be the most difficult battle in the history of the universe.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause. Demand that politicians end the practice of cannibalizing their young and follow the leader who will restore our conservative values. We crave a leader who will hold the Constitution and Bill of Rights in high esteem and is willing to reduce the size of government and the influence of the presidency and restore the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court in the political process.

Restore our Judea Christian value system and let no man put asunder what God has created.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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