Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

5 21 15 Folks, Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

No politicians in modern times have done more obviously immoral, illegal, untrustworthy acts than the Clintons, independently and as a team but hard core liberal dunderheads see no evil, hear no betrayal and will speak no ill of the pair that cashed in on their positions of trust.

The Greatest Opiate is the Feeling of Invincibility—Politicians and other crooks, petty and grand, robbers, deceivers and liars, grow bolder with each uncontested lie, theft or betrayal, until they begin to feel that they are too slick to get caught or will not be held accountable in any case. The cloak of invincibility is intoxicating and leads to visions of grandeur and superiority, when the crook is allowed to get away clean or is given pass after pass…the longer he or she is able to deceive their victims the more the ego grows. The inverse ratio to inflated egos is morbid disrespect for those that trust them and rabid hatred for those who don’t. We all know what Hilary Clinton has become…a sad caricature of a fading First Lady with a long suppressed desire for personal power, wealth and unearned adulation.

As First Lady we were afforded a rare peek at the true dominant gene that was waiting to be unleashed….”There is a vast right wing conspiracy” was her arrogant response to charges and disclosure that her husband the POTUS, was a sexual predator in the White House…Once she emerged from the shadow of his popularity and beguiling personality the Dragon Lady came into her own and her stomp of corruption took on a life of its own. “What difference does it make” is her new defining comment. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the arrogance Bill and Hillary display when they stink up the place and never lose their composure or the astonishing lack of concern her believers have for her dishonesty and ineptitude. Hilary has one singular accomplishment to her credit…She manages to fool some of the people all of the time…the ones she can’t fool are marginalized by her friends and hired attack dogs. Bill actually managed to fool most of the people for a while but people have learned not to cross the Clintons, at their peril. They have a list not quite as long as their one nemesis, yet partner in crime, Barry the POTUS of allofus. Barack doesn’t keep a list, per se, it just exists and everyone knows who’s on and who is not. If he actually kept a running, printed list it would take up most of the gigabytes on all of the servers Hilary deletes the good stuff from. Aside from the general list of conservatives, Conservative Organizations, Not-for-profits and too profitable, there are loud mouth reporters and media, states that have the audacity to enforce laws he denounces, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, policemen and women, Military Brass that will not fire on civilians, wounded servicemen and women, healthy servicemen and women, veterans, lottery winners, Christian and Jewish Chaplains and Congress, Barack particularly dislikes work. Golf is his game and Barry is his name.

Yep, Nixon also had an “enemies list”. When the curtain came down Nixon insiders hardly tried to deny the list existed. It was politics, after all, and the list was meant to do as much harm to the opposing party as possible and damned if it didn’t backfire anyway. Dick felt compelled to tell us he wasn’t a crook. His buddies broke into the Democrats’ inner sanctum and got caught. He was embarrassed; he resigned in disgrace; heads rolled and iron doors clanged shut for one or two. We will not live to see the day that the current crop of liars and hypocritical betrayers experience that honest emotion. They are not embarrassed, regretful or chagrined. Heads don’t roll and the sound of iron doors clanging shut is unfamiliar to all their loyal sycophants. You play along to get along.
Nixon never compromised the country in any way…the three bandito’s have put American Security on eBay to the highest bidder without the slightest tinge of remorse or guilt. Guidance systems, trade agreements, grants, Nuclear material, oil production, guns and roses…The Clintons got stinking rich and we have yet to learn what Obama’s pay off will be, besides the mainstreaming of radical Islam. RN had no expectation of personal financial gain or religious preference.

Where the heck is the Pied Piper when you need him? We are inundated by rats coming and going, inundating our civilization, our country and our heritage. Republicans cannot be depended on to counter leftist initiatives consistently…deals can be made when integrity is claimed but not in evidence.

Exterminate please. Clean house. Expose and defeat Hillary but get rid of the rats in the White House and the bubonic plague they are sticking to us. Barack is the problem we must get rid of before we can solve the problems he caused.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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