My Yiddisher Farblunget

I sat back and waited for the outrage but it never came…again. Maybe no one heard. Maybe no one saw.

BARACK THE ANTI SEMITE, RACIST, AMERICA-BASHING President of the once United States of America is considering sanctions against Israel. Typically he drops a bomb, lets the clamor subside and at a propitious moment, when we are distracted by another of his ignominious acts, it will be done…no Congress, no conscience. How treacherous, high and mighty can this regime get? Despite Barack’s obvious animus toward Israel, they are our only reliable ally in the Middle East. Israel still needs America but the fundamental purpose of the alliance has been abandoned by Barack; we do not have their back in a showdown. Strategically we need them; unless we are with the pro Islamic mission to expunge Israel. Consider that we have not yet seen fit to identify the enemy or his intentions; yet Israel is on the front lines defending themselves and all non Muslims against Jihad and the Islamic promise to convert or tax, enslave or kill all infidels. A major part of that battle is the battle for territory. The same territory the so called Palestinians rejected because it did not include the dissolution of Israel. Obama would punish Israel for not complying, except they did…and no good turn shall go unpunished.

Barack and the rest of Islam are really upset that Israel is building homes on land claimed by “Palestinians” for the “Palestinian State”, address unknown. We have come to accept these terms as though there is some proud historical heritage associated. Instead, the ancient terms were assigned to contemporary Islamic nomads for the singular purpose of challenging Israel’s sovereign right to exist, in a public forum. Anti Semites may buy that fabricated portrayal of history to suit a narrow, Islamic political narrative but the failures of Islam throughout history can be attributed to their use of lies to win the moment and sacrifice the end result. Their ruthless brutality over many reigns of terror earned them the distrust and hatred that exists even among their own tribes. Their inordinate respect for superior strength rings of inbred cowardice. This is where Barack Hussein Obama places his faith and trust and has expressed admiration beyond reason. The Muslim motto should be “Go forth and squat.” Reveal your hatred, ignorance, boorish impositions and Sharia intentions, You will leave a trail of decadence and squalor. You will die a miserable death but your reward in the afterlife will exceed your wildest carnal fantasies, so help me Allah.

The latest chicken bone stuck in the craw of the Arab world is Netanyahu’s reassertion that Israel is a Jewish State. I was alive and well, aware and reasonably informed in 1947; Islam was not helpful or in approval but Jews prevailed and thronged to the homeland once more. Israel is not a ship of fools. They welcome all comers who wish to contribute to the greater good and live peaceful, useful lives of achievement. Squatters who intend to undermine the Israeli State, whose objective is to overwhelm the system to create an Islamic State will not succeed. Israelis are hospitable, generous and tolerant but Israel is not up for grabs and will not shrink from defending what they have built with their bare hands and the blood of heroic Jews. As a Christian man I need not be asked to sacrifice my life so that another holocaust is prevented. As a Christian I cannot fathom the minds and hearts of Jews in America who put party loyalty above the right of fellow Jews, who, after all is said and done, are making supreme sacrifices to save all Jews as well as other infidels, regardless of their political views. None are so deaf as those who refuse to hear. None are so blind as those who refuse to see. None will enter the Kingdom of Heaven with the blot of feigned ignorance on their souls. Search your hearts to save your souls. Israels needs and deserves the support of all who claim the gift of civilization for civilized people. The enemy is not civil, is not civilized and is not condemned or named by the president of the United States who seeks to punish Israel for recognizing the source of the evil threat.

No American, regardless of race, religion or party can afford to give Barack Obama the benefit of doubt when doubt is erased every day. We must join Israel not sanction her. We must remove Barack Obama or the torch of liberty will be extinguished in our life times.

God bless the American Republic and G-d bless the Democratic Republic of Israel.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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