We Are Being Governed by Our Inferiors

For years I have been complaining that we’ve been losing America incrementally; that the Democrats have been undermining the Constitution as a goal; that rather than governing the will of the people, their intention is to impose their will on the people.

They gave us Barack who famously said, “the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents that have the order of authority reversed”. The chickens came home to roost when Obama said “elections have consequences” and then proceeded to rule by edict, with the full support and unflagging admiration of the Democrat Party. If Barack believed in the checks and balances system he would have passed major legislation when the Democrats controlled both Houses. He made no attempt because ideologically he could not share government even with his own party. When Republicans achieved a majority in Congress he never missed an opportunity to demean their participation by portraying them as a “do nothing” Congress, no matter how many Bills they passed and sent to languish in the Democrat controlled Senate, DOA. “If Congress won’t act I will have to do something on my own” are words that ignore the role of Congress and the limitations of the presidency. The party thought his unconstitutional actions were long overdue.

If the Democrats who were elected to represent their constituents took the oath of office to heart, they could not tolerate a rogue Presidency, regardless of party. Instead the Democrats in office are in lock step with their leadership, determined to veer the political system toward Socialism, while they falsely proclaim to be patriotic. They are only loyal to the government they foresee as inevitable, not the Democratic Republic provided Constitutionally; and never to a Republican dominated government. It’s not a two party system as we would like to believe. It is the winners who voted to make America a Republic against the losers who who believe citizens are better served when they are subjects. The losers never have and never will never concede to the idea of government by the people and so spend their every waking moment trying to nullify that decision.

The principle beneficiaries of most bipartisan bills are the politicians themselves. Government has become a career destination and quid-pro-quo politics is essential to a successful career. As a solution to nest feathering the people have clamored for decades to enact term limits for Congress, to no avail. American politicians are not prepared to return home until a bridge or ship is named for them. Every bipartisan agreement favors Democrats because Republicans cede to Democrat conditions; it is seldom the other way around, unless Democrats throw a bone for favors rendered. Democrats who claim to champion the underdogs in society are responsible for every liberal policy that creates, increases and then institutionalizes dependency. Democrats are responsible for generational poverty and liberal programs that supplant personal responsibility with government indulgence, the antithesis of Judea Christian principles of self determination and Conservative values. Nothing emphasises the difference in philosophy between Conservatism and Liberalism more definitively than dependency and other liberal causes that increase government influence beyond the constitutionally mandated limitations. When Republicans accepted the premise that liberalism is a political preference they unwittingly planted the seeds of destruction. What we have had since the Republic was founded is the constant erosion of man’s ability to create and distribute wealth in a process that constantly renews opportunity and willing entrepreneurs. The result is what we are now experiencing; the decline of civilization and personal achievement, which historically signals the end days of a constitutional Republic.

The two party system is not working because one party exists only to change the United States fundamentally. The Conservative, or Constitution defenders have become the opposition party, reversing the historical roles we mistakenly believe they held. It will not get fixed as long as conservatives believe that bipartisanship is required to improve government functionality. Bipartisanship should be reserved for like-minded factions to determine the best modalities to make all Americans self sufficient and productive; Capitalism, non intrusive government, shared risk and property ownership.

We are now deciding whether America can be restored as a functioning constitutional Republic or will give way to an autocratic democracy. Restoration is not likely when politicians perpetuate the decline, therefore the burden falls where it should always have rested; the power is and always will be with the people. If we don’t decide our fate someone else will.

Start by improving the current situation. Barack must be removed and held accountable. The existential threat of Islamic domination by Jihad can then be addressed and eliminated. Barack’s edicts and treaties must be nullified and politicians must be held to five year terms, fully liable for their actions.

The road we travelled has been all downhill for generations. The road back will therefore be all uphill. We are up to the task if we accept the responsibility by becoming informed, educated and involved. If we choose to be uninvolved once again we will have chosen to side with Democrats and let government decide our fate.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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