Fingerprints, Confessions and Eye Witnesses Lie

…or is it our eyes that lie?

8 children are killed by knife shot in gun free Australia. We outlaw guns because we can, not knives, because we can’t and not rocks because it’s been a long time since Caine dis-Abled his bro. Two police officers are gunned down execution style in NYC and another in Florida is shot and then run over with a hate filled exclamation point.

The agenda is startling but consistent. Perhaps not primary but among the political advantages the radical triumvirate, Barack, Eric and Al have in mind is nullification of the Second Amendment…or if that is too lofty a goal, further unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership. The entire body of historical evidence supports gun owners’ claims that gun free zones are low-fruit killing opportunities for criminals and other nutsies. It does not matter, because the unspoken but only reason governments disarm citizens is to render them defenseless against….the tyrannical government. “Tyrannical government” being the operative words to make my point. Bear with me whilst I connect the dots.

My fly on the wall at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. reports that all American companies vulnerable to cyber vandalism must take mandatory training to help keep America Safe. The program is free but any company not complying with the mandate will be fined $5K an hour until they have achieved attitude adjustment. The course is to be called LINTS and is intended to assist Barack Obama who is far too busy to do it all by himself and is sorely disappointed in Congress’ laissez faire attitude. P.S. A do-nothing Congress is far more preferable than a Presidency doing the work of our enemies or a presidency that accepts nothing Congress has to offer.

SONY made the mistake of not contacting Barack directly before taking evasive action and Barack is quite upset that they did not have the confidence in Barack’s counsel to make the call. Hence the new program, which will make standard operating procedures mandatory, in the event of a cyber attack or vandal threat from a foreign power.

LINTS (Line in the Sand) classes begin April 1st, subject to Congressional funding but not necessarily its approval. When threatened, private enterprise can draw lines in the sand or launch counterattacks, secure in the knowlege that Barack will bloviate and quarterback every Monday morning, as long as he’s not bothered with the messy details.

Nothing Barack had to say before, during or after the Sony Attack was appropriate for an American president who reveres America’s sovereignty, the oath to defend America against all enemies, or the indignation of an American citizen who is emotionally affected by foreign threats; Barack is not. What Barack did say, is that North Korea is guilty of Cyber vandalism…and we will respond proportionately…when we get around to it. Kim Ung immediately doubled the guard on his Bentley. Any American corporation could have done that and not be subjected to presidential ridicule.

Barack “unconditionally” condemns the killing of two NYPD officers and I unconditionally condemn Barack’s part in creating the environment to encourage and condone the behavior and mental capacity to carry out executions of local police. In fact he has many conditions and reservations but thought better of sharing them at this time. The idea to avenge Brown’s death was promulgated by the organizers. Barack engaged Sharpton to organize demonstrations, Sharpton instigated demonstrators to turn on whites and blame law enforcement for racial warfare. Holder issued new racial profiling protocols to prevent police from targeting innocent criminals. Barack, Holder and Sharpton proceed to condemn the results of their demonstrations and blame the uprisings on endemic white vs. black racism. Three American black guys with world wide and national influence and authority, currently beyond any other American’s job description, claiming prejudice denies achievement to blacks. We are not too dumb to know when elected officials and their thugs are playing us for fools. Mayor DeBlasio is no less than complicit as a co conspirator or unwitting accomplice and the blood stained hands of all four will not be washed by fancy rhetoric or spin cajolery. There is no endemic racial prejudice in America. More likely there is anti Semitic animus, but that also emanates from the same hate-monger-in-chief. We were well past racial division until Barack came along and stirred anti white racism among the deprived, entitled and criminal elements in the black community. The political purpose being the degradation of civilized behavior and the dissolution of the American dream for which these culprits should receive the most severe penalties a sovereign nation can impose for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The “peaceful” demonstration Sharpton organized and attended in NY while the radicals in Ferguson called for the killing of policemen was a decoy to provide an alibi. Sharpton wasn’t there so how could we accuse him of agitating for violence? The complicit bloody handed President, Attorney General and hired thug, the farcical reverend, insist from a distance that the discontent is spontaneous, uncontrollable, understandable and at some level, justifiable. Fingerprints to be sure.

The dots we were once able to connect have become as numerous as dew drops in a rain forest. They have been forged into chain links and are now the chains that would enslave us. Attacks by this regime come in all forms and indignities, challenging the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, religious origins and our heritage at every turn. Party Sycophants and the media that fawn over his unconstitutional acts as though they represent some bold independent agenda working in America’s best interest, are aiding the decline like pallbearers who plotted the death of the corpse. The Chains of demagoguery are restricting our freedom more each day, more with each edict, with each congressional snub and with each cynical patriotic statement that contradicts the actions we suffer. When they are not fawning they are denying, reinterpreting or muzzling events to distract us from concluding what we have always suspected, accused and known. The enemy in the White House is a danger to civilization itself.

I mention the Sony debacle before the incomprehensible tragedy of the NY and Tarpon Springs PD officers because Sony is an outrage and highlights the president’s purposeful and unremorseful agenda driven dereliction. After the fact, without the facts and for obvious political gain, Barack attempted to be presidential at the expense of a private company’s reputation and financial misfortune. The execution of three policemen in our most populous cities is an internal act of war orchestrated by the president himself. There is more to come. Connect the dots…test the chains that bind us or learn to live with them.

Demand that Barack and his entourage of lawless appointees and hired thugs be removed and held accountable. Call for the arrest of Al Sharpton and let a Grand Jury decide his fate. We should not have to wait two more years, with the uncertainty of a rogue, destructive personality growing bolder and more lawless each day, working from within our political system, for relief…

Pray publicly; it drives them crazy.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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