Our Doubts and Fears Realized

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro;
…”because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another — a journey that will bring a new and better day to America.”

Would that we listened and acted on our doubts and fears…for now they are real and looming over the liberty we let slip through our fingers.

Sponsors of terrorism are not brought to justice; they are scolded with politically correct innuendo, carefully guarded words and caution not to offend the sensibilities of those committed to our undoing. Punishment is meted out re-actively to terrorists, on a case by case basis, just severe enough to keep up appearances but not so devastating as to dampen their enthusiasm. The most egregious sponsors of terror are Iran and Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein has done more to foment and advance the Muslim agenda than Genghis Khan did for Mongols in his prime.

To benefit from Obama’s largess a government or country need only demonize Judea Christian religions, accept Islam as a culture within cultures not to be offended, brow beat their citizens and treat Jews like lepers. The American taxpayer foots the bills like a sugar daddy on uppers in a widowed Harem celebrating liberation in gay Paree.

Barack the transforming figure, befriends and supports autocracies, dictatorships, oppressive governments and Islamic or Islamic accepting despotic emerging nations. They are emerging because the opposition to Sharia law and Islamic rule has been all but removed by six years of fundamental change; also with little or no opposition. Caliphates are popping up like pop tarts in a ’50’s orphanage. Islam is imposed and interjected and we are cautioned to accept not to offend. Barack has spoken; Islam has played a major role in the creation and development of our nation. Islam has contributed much to science, the arts and civilization. Barack has spoken but we are cautioned not to.

Hugo Chavez enjoyed favored dictator status and the Castro Brothers have just been anointed and duly apologized to for America’s past transgressions. From this latest presidential excess we will have international cooperative religious persecution and American dollars regurgitating in Cuban barrios like manna from Heaven. Press our combined noses on the window of defeat and witness the success of recalcitrant, oppressive government 90 miles off shore: the envy of Barack Hussein and his free wheeling cabal.

Why then the animosity and cantankerous relationship with Putin and punishment toward Russia? Isn’t Putin a latter day Tsar, autocrat in democracy togs, communist dictator? Doesn’t he fit the profile of Obama’s closest confidants and elbow rubbing compatriots? Why doesn’t he qualify for American benevolence and Barack’s warm embrace? Because Putin has made it perfectly clear that Russia will not welcome or tolerate Muslim immigration wherever he sets his tent. And right now his tent is expanding geometrically. Think of the great Russian expanse and all that newly acquired and soon to be acquired territory with no Muslim squatters setting up Sharia housekeeping. Millions of infidels to be beheaded and converted and Putin stands in the doorway, blocking Islamic progress. It’s enough to make a Christian president gorge on ham hocks right through Ramadan.

Have we allowed one man to fundamentally change America? A better question is; have we allowed one man to use America to change the world? Regrettably yes; though we have not yet realized how much we have yet to regret.

Apparently what Barack Hussein Obama has successfully done is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to create instability across America so great that it would have international repercussions. The great stabilizing influence that America has historically been on world tensions, economics and democracy is now having the inverse effect. The world community has lost confidence in our judgment and motives, rightfully so. Moreover, Barack is sponsoring terror by insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood has a seat at the table wherever new governments are formed and smothers all attempts to identify, analyze and eliminate the threat. He will not name the enemy even when pontifically condemning acts of terrorism; even then avoiding the use of identifying terms whenever possible. He will not mount an offensive action against any Islamic threat and ends wars by withdrawing and leaving the scene of the accident vulnerable to the ever growing force and inevitable insertion of Islamic Jihads.

This is not a rogue presidency or a confused inexperienced administration incapable of handling the responsibilities of leadership. An Islamic despot occupies the White House and is methodically, deceptively, inexorably changing the rules, the ethnic and religious balance of the population and our expectations of achievement. Do you recall when some of us warned that if the number of dependents exceeded 50% of the population America could never be restored as a functioning free market society? We have passed that water mark but it is a half truth. America is not a functioning constitutional Republic and hasn’t been for decades, due to the concessions made to socialism and exceptions permitted to the strict interpretation of the Constitution. Obama simply leaned harder with total disrespect for the rule of law and the system of checks and balances and dares us to stop him. Not even an election reaffirming the will of the people made a difference. As a matter of fact Barack, like most dictators, relishes in his ability to double down on his agenda, attitude and one man control of the political process.

And we have learned the hard way that the American presidency is susceptible and vulnerable to control by anti American forces, able to direct the wealth and productivity of the American worker and we have yet to find a solution to the gaping flaw in our Constitutional Republic. A government of the people, by the people and for the people has a vacuum at the top when the people neglect to take their role seriously. Not a shot or threat was needed to transform this country fundamentally, totally and perhaps irreversibly.

The weight and responsibility of the presidency takes its toll on every president and shows in a marked change in the president’s demeanor, facial features and graying hair. Barack is no exception; however his concerns are more likely of the possibility that the US military will interfere forcibly to save the country from precipitous decline; from enemies outside the country and within. It is well documented that Barack does not sweat the obligations of the office or of international threats, economic ills or the uneasiness of the populace he is responsible for. It must be fear of discovery and punishment that weigh on his mind.

Military intervention may sound drastic but no measures were too drastic for our founders and no measures should be too drastic to save our children’s future.

Remove Barack and hold him accountable; at least see clearly and hold him accountable.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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