A Choke Hold for Sharpton

12 5 14 Folks, A Chokehold for Sharpton

Once again; I side with law enforcement, warts and all. To avoid an early death don’t loiter, be a hoodlum or commit crimes…petty crimes require the same police protocol as more serious ones. Whether or not a crime has been committed is not the issue either. If an officer of the law engages you, simply follow instructions. Resisting, even the semblance of resisting, requires that the officer submits you and takes every precaution to protect the public without risking his life needlessly in the process. How would you subdue a 350-400 pound man who decided not to cooperate? Evidently we have thousands of self deputized Hypo-critics who know better than the men in blue. A precedent set by agenda driven political figures who put law enforcement on the defensive and portray criminals as sympathetic victims requiring special treatment and consideration.

I am deeply disappointed in the conservative voices who continue to refer to Eric Garner’s death as the choking death. The autopsy does not make that assertion. The crime in progress was not the reason the officers decided to use physical force to arrest; it was Eric’s resistance and important contributing health factors that resulted in his unfortunate death; probably a career ending episode for officer Pantaleo.

As far as I’m concerned Michael Brown decided he could intimidate and overpower an officer of the law just as he did the storekeeper he just robbed. Brown’s behavior was typical of a guilty perp who did not want to run afoul of the law while he was fleeing the scene of a crime. He was wrong and he paid the price. Officer Darren Wilson should be given a medal for his service but Sharpton, Holder and Obama will see him rot in hell first. For Brown’s death not to have been in vain it could have been used to discourage others from acting out, causing a public disturbance and challenging an officer of the law. But why? Michael Brown was a thug who should have known the risks of his behavior. He chose to tempt fate by his choices and turned out to be the perfect foil for sustained and expanding demonstrations which suit the agenda of the criminal enterprise of Obama, Holder, Sharpton and their mindless minions.

These otherwise unremarkable incidents have been turned into crises of opportunity for a regime determined to finish the total transformation they are committed to. Do Americans really want the Federal Government to set the standards for law enforcement at the local level?

Racial profiling is the one law enforcement tool that gives the police an advantage of sorts. Without profiling, which is the natural common sense instinct to identify suspects by appearance, behavior and environment, police work is unreasonably hampered. Add to that the presumption that police are racially biased and one more level of protection for our communities is diminished.

Our military preparedness has been drastically reduced and now our communities are preoccupied with riots and demonstrations of a magnitude that elicits concerned and highly critical comments from the international community. The perception is that America is in decline and is no longer epitome of liberty social justice and military excellence the world looked up to.

Arrest Al Sharpton. The charges are obvious and his trial will lead to the higher ups that give him immunity; Eric Holder, Barack Obama and the whole rotten cabal that redefined civility.


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