Immoral Equivalence

The next two years will be the most deceitful, confrontational, divisive years in our history. Alinsky says double down.

All this talk about Obama’s legacy incorrectly assumes that Barack has the same ideological goals as normal American presidents. To be sure, Barack is concerned about his legacy; it does not resemble the legacy goals of any American president in our memory. He intends to leave America a totally transformed union, no longer concerned with its Judea Christian culture, unmindful of our proud heritage and fully accepting of Islamic political/religious fascist influence. That is the legacy he is building and the one he will cherish, if he should actually leave office.

In a Judea Christian world we think issues are addressed democratically within the political system, with time off for
religious observances, vacations and sleep but a cabal takes advantage of our down time to make political hay. They scoff at our religious convictions. They will issue edicts and release unpopular decisions when they believe we aren’t listening or watching, chipping away at our religious and national heritage, notions of God given freedoms, inalienable rights, economic security and military preparedness. It’s three card Monte, bait and switch and buck buck how many horns are up, all rolled into one. The health care bill was passed by political subterfuge when few Republicans were available to protest. A kink in our armor is all the enemy needs to win a joust but they also prefer to lunge when our lance is down. Fundamental change is not a concept that survives in broad daylight or with the free exchange of ideas. Barack told us his agenda was to change America fundamentally but he preceded that remark with promises of sugar plums, kumbaya and peace on earth, promising a better America…but we overlooked his refusal to wear the American flag pin of patriotism. Now we speak of restoring America in a matter of fact fashion as though we share none of the responsibility for our decline.

The next generation of Americans will not share our passion to restore America, since they will have no recollection of the America we knew and loved, fought and died for.

Speaking of moral equivalency, anyone who rightfully observes that terrorism is the exclusive property of the Islamic Muslim movement is vilified and brought to task sharply. It was made politically incorrect to name Islam without clearly stating that the culprits are a minority rogue element that hijacked the religion…despite the fact that the evidence does not completely support that analysis. Barack has been known to fly into rage over the mere suggestion that Islam is the enemy. No mention of terrorists on our soil, in the Middle East or on any continent is permissible without stating the obvious; not all Muslims are terrorists. Islam is responsible for 100% of world unrest, anti Semitism and rampant terror, yet not all Muslims are bad has been drilled into our lexicon and psyche to the point of nausea. With every brutal attack accompanied by shouts of Allah Akbar I must ask, is it really necessary to defend the innocent when they do not consistently and uniformly condemn the guilty? Who is not intelligent enough to know the difference? Who benefits from this blatant effort to avoid naming names and responding to the threats?..

Tireless demonstrators calling for justice and revenge, oblivious to facts, dedicated to a false narrative are obviously organized for a purpose. When the demonstrations are duplicated in unrelated cities there is nothing spontaneous about it. Over 80 visits to the oval office before and after the demonstrations which degenerated into a call for murder of white police officers and the ensuing execution style murders of three “so far” it is time to call for justice for the people. Al Sharpton should be arrested forthwith. Impeachment proceedings against the Attorney General and the President of the United States amounts to providing due process to criminals who deprived three police officers of that right; it must be done if only as a first step to reclaiming the moral high ground and restoration of our nation. If the instigators’ motives are not readily obvious at least let’s not be so foolish as to exonerate them because of their empowered conflicts of interest. The encouraging words of the President of the United States to “stay the course” plus the fomenting rhetoric of the nation’s professional exploitation reverend, paired with the assurance that the Attorney General will not prosecute gives the demonstrators free reign to vent their criminal prejudices in public for a cause beyond their ability to gather.

A president who defends all Muslims without exception but sees no reason to condemn a call to kill white police officers is not a president. Connect the dots…question his origins again. Why not bring up the questions of his past associations, present associations and future aspirations? He can be condemned by his associations, policies and his record. He can take credit for positives but he can’t point to one policy that contributes to the greater good. Demand his removal, hold him accountable and let’s try to regain the dignity earned by our heritage and stolen by this cabal.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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