Not For the Faint of Heart

If you are offended by honest indignation and strong language you may not want to read on. I have reached my boiling point.

The Damnocrats spent years “investigating” the obvious, then put out a “hit piece” on the CIA which is tantamount to treason and the politically incorrect conservatives are ducking for cover, pleading for understanding and denying the terminology. What the hell is wrong with us? Can’t we once stand together and tell these mealy mouthed hypocrites what we think of their traitorous, unwelcome, unsubstantiated accusations?

The liberal losers take the freedom that winning wars guarantees them and uses it to lose our prestige and honorable recognition for being the most compassionate military and people in the history of conflict or civilization. Why don’t we have the conviction of our arguments to stand with the few who respond to these ugly charges forcefully, like Dick Cheney? We should hang our heads in shame; we let the Damnocrats disparage good people and then we shun them.

Why are we constantly on the defensive? Tell these hypocrites how it really is! They live because we wage war to win; not to wage war. We don’t have to call it torture but we won’t stop doing what it takes to win. It’s okay to kill the vermin but a vice grip on their gonads offends you lying trash? Anyone who is going to kill my countrymen can expect the unexpected and damned if I will apologize! If you are my prisoner fear me or give me reason not to fear you. Every Guantanamo detainee is in better physical shape than when they were captured and inanely released. Not one earned that gratuitous kindness.

The blot on our reputation is the idiotic notion that this “investigative report” is an honest assessment of our intelligence community, our moral values or our ethical standards. The radicals are losing the war they don’t have the cajones to call a war and losing the country they have the cajones to call unprincipled, unjust and unfair. America the beautiful is beautiful and I have no patience for those who think they can raise our estimation of their humanity by trashing my country.

We are dealing with a recurring Islamic attempt to rule the world by terror from a religious/political fanatical group of murderers who treat torture as an amusing pass time. The Muslim Brotherhood is the core organization that set out to destroy Christianity and Judaism so they can impose Sharia law and control the populace politically but it has been a Muslim imperative for hundreds of years. We would be ill advised and dramatically handicapped to underestimate the enemy as Barack does intentionally. I don’t believe it is advisable to limit our men from any device in their arsenal to defend us.

No society is perfect and America is no exception. But America has the blue print for man to achieve his highest potential and I for one are proud of our progress and our heritage. We would do well to focus on our positives to overcome our negatives. It is too difficult to focus on the negative and expect to produce positives, at least for me..

Dammit! For once and for all stand up and tell these traitors to shut up and respect the fallen who gave their lives so they can run their mouths to diminish their sacrifice! Is it illegal to use the term traitor on the floor of the Senate? Doesn’t anyone know how to fight bare-fisted, indignant and righteous battles any more? Is there one patriot left in America who will stand and say he regrets having only one life to give and then dare the damnocrats to take it? I demand to be counted! I believe with every fiber of my being that America must survive despite the ignorant lefties who think it need not survive unless we cave to their anti constitutional, socialistic, repressive ideas of government.

It is their warped message that misleads millions to believe that justice is not served unless it is contorted to suit their personal opinions. The moronic, mass corrupted thinking that prompts Congressional staffers to walk out demanding justice for Brown and Garner cannot see that justice is what they got and they should be grateful for it. If they are not all fired for stupidity it will be another miscarriage of justice. God bless the local police who must make life and death decisions with no seconds to spare every day and are then reviled for their efforts. Why is Al Sharpton not behind bars?

God bless the agents who have no qualms convincing enemy combatants who celebrated the death of American civilians in the streets and behead for blood sport, that we mean to extract every bit of information we can to save American lives and property. If it pains you to tell us it will pain you more to not tell us. One American drop of blood is worth the lives of every treacherous murderer who is sworn to America’s defeat, the eradication of Israel and the murder or conversion of all us infidels. Challenge me and I will proudly execute you and every one of your ilk and let God be my judge. I will not be judged by mealy mouthed liberals who urge compassion and empathy for our enemies and have none for our troops. Go to Hell Hilary, Barack, Feinstein and the rest of you lying bastards. I will never betray the victims of 9-11, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Viet Nam, Korea, or the Middle East; you have and do every day and have yet to be told so to your faces! Rot in the memory of the Republic you diminished and demean and we will revive the Republic our forefathers envisioned.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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