Infringed to Death

The gun free zone in the AME Episcopal Church in S. Carolina attracted a crazed racist, who killed 9 people casually, reloading 5 times to get the job done. The wanton murderer visited with his intended victims for an our or so before he opened fire and rejected their unrestricted welcome. While they prayed he mocked their vulnerability. In mourning the survivors, their families and the entire City of Charleston gave the country an inspirational example of integrity, courage, brotherly love and faith, boundless in their stretch.

The Sham Reverend Sharpton packed his bags in anticipation, hoping to repeat his disgraceful exhibition of no integrity, no love and no faith but quickly cancelled his trip to Charleston in the face of true leadership and love of fellow man, as he realized neither he nor his paid demonstrator/rioters could dissuade or incite to ransack and riot. I wonder if Barack will hold up his paycheck.

Once more Barack immediately suggested we make the whole country a gun free zone so there will be no opposition to his guns. He didn’t mourn the tragic deaths; he relished the opportunity to chip away at our resolve to defend ourselves constitutionally. The availability of guns is the crux of the matter, not nine dead Americans who died loving their fellow man or their friends and relatives who see the tragedy as a time for unity, fellowship and prayer. Barack and Sharpton hate to see a good crisis go to waste. When it was obvious he could not divide this nation from these steadfast American Christians the Chameleon would use the occasion to show his empathy for the community to try to score political points; it shouldn’t be a total loss. If you think I’m exaggerating you too have drunk the propaganda juice.

Consider this. This murdering little skunk named Roof was looking for a killing field to make his bloody statement…His first choice was the College of Charleston campus….alas, that one was too risky…too much security. He chose the venerable AME Church because the coward was smart enough to know it offered no resistance. Gun free and peace loving, he could murder at his leisure, so to speak. Soft targets are gun free zones for law abiding citizens, thus they are invitations to psychopathic criminals with murder on their mind.

The workplace violence that took the lives of 13 and wounded 30 unarmed military personnel was a gun free zone too, except for Nidal Malik Hassan, who chose the time and place he would strike a blow for the Islamic Jihad cause he served. Military personnel on a military post are not permitted to carry the weapons they are trained to use, with the exception of Muslim terrorists who happen to be members of the American military. Ironically Fort Hood is located in Killeen, Texas and Hassan killed as many as he could, shouting Allah Akbar, which Barack claims is not pertinent to his purpose.

Uber just mandated gun free zones in their drivers’ vehicles….hmmm…uber smart? or uber stupeed?…Are the drivers expected to search their passengers or just issue a stern warning? Maybe they’ll play “Uber sez” and see how that goes. This conflicted company just made their workers a lot less safe for the good of mankind…or for the good of criminals with low-risk tolerance, satisfied with slim pickins.

I say we disarm Barack’s body guards…for his safety, of course. He’s still plagued by unrequited love due to an ungrateful electorate that doesn’t appreciate his genius but some discerning individual who appreciates a soft target when he sees one, might just decide to bask in the glory of 15 minutes fame….He would have to risk the daunting defense of dozens of unarmed Secret Service men and endure the deafening applause they are likely to bestow on him for his cowardly act. Heh, heh, heh!

Why don’t we create gun free zones in Syria and Iraq? When the shooting stops we can talk them out of their bombs and knives, a job only super-Kerry can handle as soon as he is satisfied that Iran is satisfied, Barack is satisfied and Israel is stabified.

As determined as Barack is to make law abiding American citizens defenseless is how desperate he is to arm the most hate-filled, war mongering, murderous regime in the world with Nukes. They shout “death to America” and Barack/Kerry’s response is “Rouhani boma ye” and point the Satanic regime towards Israel…

There is a message the Barack brigade would like us not to mention, but here goes. In just these few recent examples of unreasonable impositions, positions and decisions, there is a palpable pattern of counter democratic, anti white, anti Christian, anti Constitutional Republic agendas. The Imperial Wizard Barack is consistent if nothing else. He has done nothing to preserve our heritage and never will.

His willful influence will effectuate political and ideological control of the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or its allies, with the destruction of Israel and the total transformation and domination of the United States of America, with the help of a ruthless, rogue radical religious Jihad to control the population while the invaders rape, pillage and confiscate…if he is left to his own devices much longer.

The truth is not so complicated. Barack does not pray to the same God that Christians and Jews do. We are now in the season of Ramadan. Barack will preside over the feast at the end of the fast as he has every year since he took office. Christians fast for Lent, Jews fast for Yom Kippur. When Barack nods to our customs it will be a cold day in Hades. When Barack goes the way of all flesh he will notice that there are no cold days, no Ramadan and no mercy in Hades. He can take comfort in the fact that he will not be subjected to Judea Christian ideology either.

Barack claims “racism is not cured”. If that is the case I suggest the cure is surgery…surgically remove the root cause of our troubles, Barack Hussein Obama.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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