Silence is Olden

In response to Donald Trump and Fox News “contributors’ who make the incomprehensible comparison of rebutting the enemy who stands on his immoral decision to kill anyone who depicts Muhammad with the Pope or other Religious icons…You bet your grandma’s moth-eaten Burka!! I would give the Pope, all the Chief Rabbis or Buddha’s incarnation the same treatment I applaud Pam Geller for giving Muhammad and all the Imama’s on earth, if they dared to restrict my freedom of speech under penalty of death or even under penalty of a chipped fingernail. The last three letters of Muhammad are M-A-D and we should never forget it. These deranged proselytizers think we should accept their Sharia restricted, selective Second Amendment interpretation of civil law, Judea Christian mores, American exceptionalism and common sense; we need to tell them to vacate the continent…go peddle that fungus where the sun comes up in the West. If the Pope ordered my death for taking the Lord’s name in vein after stubbing my toe, would the Donald join Pam in protest? Pam would defend me, Donald not so much, I see.

If they are provoked by our indignation, sense of humor or cynicism it is our duty to provoke them and also to exterminate the vermin before they exterminate us. These hate-mongers actually want to reverse our culture before they kill us and we are trying to figure out if they all mean it or only some of them do. Even they can’t read their own holy book and agree on the message inside, so why the heck should we knock ourselves out?

Grow a follicle Donald. The Pope is not threatening civilization, no Rabbi wants to silence my worst iteration and Buddha just wants to hang with his homies. None of these holy purveyors of brotherly love is trying to rule the world, destroy America and Israel, or on slow days, each other.

This was not about Pam Geller but Muhammad’s miscreants made it about her and successfully divided us into those who love Pam and those who want what the Muslims want…to shut her up. Why are we Jews and Christians, infidels all, not together on the only response terrorists deserve? Their hit list already existed long before Ms. Geller held an art contest. Lo and behold it includes her, Brigitte Gabrielle, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, me, you, our kids…it’s a pretty comprehensive list, I think. As a matter of fact The Islamic Muslim Jihadis would like to kill all 360,000 or so babies born yesterday. Jeff Dunham’s dead terrorist dummy only repeats what the not-yet-killed terrorists say every day; “I will kill you”. If the government sworn to defend us against all enemies from within and without was doing their job, Pam Geller could be writing cook books and Donald could turn the United Nations building in NYC into a landmark hotel…Pam would be an ideal guest.

We allow the left to control the dialogue and dictate moral equivalence when there is none. Invariably demonic forces are protected and bleeding heart conservatives join the chorus. The Donald, Heraldo and an embarrassing number of other so-called conservatives took the bait, swallowed the hook and sinker and find themselves on the wrong side of history, in the most transforming, deadly religious war of all time.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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