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Turn Your Other Cheek, Not Mine

I am a Catholic as a matter of faith. To my dismay I have learned to separate the clergy, from seminary and convent to the Pope, from the catechism. Priests are men like the rest of us and climbing the ladder of success in the hierarchy of the clergy does not change that fact. I respect the Word and do not hold the messenger to standards most humans cannot meet. Some meet or exceed expectations, save souls and do good works and we are blessed to have them. Some will answer to their Maker as humbly as the rest of us. It is not for me to judge.

My concern is with leadership. I believe that the Vatican should not insert itself in political matters regardless of the fact that it is considered a country within a country. It has been on the wrong side of history too often and all too often sides with political factions that deny religion or religious freedom. The Pope has, in all his wisdom, acknowledged the right to exist of the so-called Palestinian state, when that argument is far from over on the world stage. The ramifications of such a needless, partisan endorsement are hard hitting, sinfully influential and extremely harmful to the Judea Christian battle for survival and the Israeli right to exist. He condemns the murder of Christians at the hands of Islamic Jihadists on the one hand and supports a branch, if you will, of the political institution that sponsors terrorism. In a religious war the side under attack is choosing to forgive and embrace the aggressor but the aggressor shows no remorse or inclination to change. One man, the Pope, has told millions of Christians that the Palestinian State has his blessing, ergo the blessing of the Catholic Church and that is the bone of my contention. He would deny that he has sold out millions of Jews living and dead who are defending their nation, their lives and their religion, for this invented Iranian proxy. I condemn the Palestinian state and support Israel or my conscience would not let me live in peace. The Pope is my spiritual leader on earth but when it comes to politics and life and death on the field of honor there is a Higher Power.

The Pope is either ignorant of the origins and fundamental mission of the Palestinians or his position as the spiritual leader of millions of people has been co-opted by the enemies of Christianity. He may simply be confused and incapable of leading the Church in today’s climate. May God have mercy on his soul. It is possible that many will die as a result of his opinionated, decidedly Islamic, counter Israeli view of Middle East politics.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”