Why He Lies

Pernicious lies. Insidious lies. Congenital liars.

Once you understand the genesis of the lies and the ideology of the liar you will be admitted to the truth. We will never have the benefit of simple truths for simple matters or forthright explanations of decisions and events as long as the Obama regime is engaged in the dismantling of the Republic; and that is their primary objective.

Americans are just not psychologically or emotionally prepared to deal with and can’t begin to understand a culture that weaves lies into their tactical approach to life, religion and politics. We are lied to by this regime consistently and relentlessly. It is a political and cultural strategy that challenges our ability to discern fact from fiction, sincerity from deception and reality from fantasy. In Western culture it is illogical to lie when the truth is obvious and a lie serves no logical purpose. It is considered immoral in any case. Not in Islamic culture where lying is generational and congenital or an oligarchy or under communism or pre netrocracy, which is probably where we are about now. We are being conditioned to live in a post capitalistic world which requires all conservative ideas and thoughts to be redefined and made accountable for all previous and ongoing imperfections, suffering and injustice. The lie we are conditioned to accept is that government, properly administered, can see to all of our needs as we learn to eschew religious convictions and the ideals of self determination and self reliance.

We can’t fathom the long term effects of illogical lies but to a pathological liar who has reason to fear the truth, lies flow easily and purposefully. The Communist Manifesto, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the Quran elevate the use of lies to gain advantage or impose your will to an art form. It would be defeatist and probably suicidal to suggest total transformation and fundamental change for a thriving society without misrepresenting facts and discrediting every facet of that society from its mores and religion to its political foundations. The lies must be all encompassing and unrelenting. To sustain the new reality success and individualism are punished and reviled and those who accept domination are rewarded.

Sometimes the lies are downright trivial. Did Barak quit smoking? Did his father serve in World War 2? No matter; the pattern is consistent with the ideology and the pity is, lying works. The only caveat is that the lies must be repeated and never apologized for or admitted to. Indoctrination is based on those parameters.

Believe it or not it is virtually impossible to count the lies we have been subjected to or to replace lies with facts or excuses at this point in time. We are a nation transformed. We cannot enjoy a robust recovery when the goal all along was to create a damaged, failed economy. The patches of optimism we are falsely reassured with are caused by events beyond the control of government and do not indicate a return to liberty or fiscal responsibility.

Fracking, which the Obama regime tried to suppress unsuccessfully, has increased domestic oil and gas production giving us relatively cheap energy. Obama and his oil zsar predicted and suggested that our cost for fuel should rise to a par with Europe…or did we forget? The Obamites were helpless to prevent private enterprise from reaching record production. Think about Obama’s reaction to the Gulf oil spill; that should convince you that Barak is no friend to fossil fuels or American productivity.

The housing market has been influenced to some degree by the natural forces in the market and artificially low interst rates. Still individual home ownership is really in a state of flux with rental properties dominated by corporate ownership and buyers occasionally second guessing interest rates and market bottoms. It is premature to say that the housing market is rebounding.

Unemployment figures are grossly misleading and that is no accident. The true numbers, somewhere between 11 and 12%, are a sobering representation of the new norm in America.

The rich are getting richer…for now. The poor are getting poorer but the accurate depiction is that the number of people who qualify as poor is increasing as well. We have passed the theoretical point of no return with 50% of all Americans…let me restate that; 50% of our population is now receiving some form of financial assistance from government. To achieve that magical number Barak, with the stroke of a pen, unilatterally afforded 14,000,000 illegal aliens defacto amnesty, while Homeland Security has virtually ended the practice of deportation or intereption. Our borders and therefor our sovereignty are brought into question.

The spirit of entrepreneurship has been a driving factor in America’s historical success and some Americans will always find creative ways to succeed. Small businesses are the bane of socialism and Barak is doing all in his power to discourage them. It is increasingly difficult to navigate the rules and regulations to start and then operate a small business successfully in America. The expansion of dependency is not significantly slowed by the few who beat the odds but they do slow our decline and sometimes engender false optimism.

No attempt or even discussion on how to remove government obstacles from allowing the economy to grow is contemplated and the dirty little secret is that the infrastructure that once supported and financed the gateway to capitalism, entrepreneurship, has been intentionally removed from our economy. Without shared risk and an investment exit strategy we cannot gain the business momentum needed to reemploy millions of Americans in a timely and orderly fashion. We can’t hold Obama responsible for that. The Securities and Exchange commission led the war on capitalism, preparing the way for the likes of obama to dare embark America on a spiral to total transformation; the exchange of our Republic for something less and exceedingly foreign to our customs and contrary to our Constitution.

We are living a lie. Barak is imposing a culture of lies and liars and we are fighting one or two lies at a time. We are being transformed by a pattern of lies that hold out hope while hope is destroyed. It is time to remove the liar in chief.

Welcome to 2014. Demand that the liars be exposed, removed and held accountable. We can work our way up starting with someone like Rice or down starting with someone like Barak Insane Obama.

America has the perfect formula for success and it is incumbent upon us to take back our country by any and every means available to us. It will not return of its own accord.

That is the God’s honest truth.



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