A Risiing tide Raises All Ships; Low Tide Not so Much

America became the prince that fell asleep in the woods, got kissed by a fascist and woke up as a frog…transformed in absentia.

A sign of the Times (New York Times), (in case you were wondering if they chose sides) is the Communist dogma or S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) to lie, repeat the lie, support the liar, debunk facts and rewrite history to indoctrinate or at least recruit the electorate to accept transformation…the loss of freedom in the name of fairness. Autocrats never won a fair fight and the outrageous lie is their weapon of choice, corruption their dogma, socialism their reliable tool.

Benghazi was, after all is said and done, caused by a u-tube video that offended some Arabs. Eye witnesses and participants in the slaughter are mistaken and the gory details of who did what and when are too confidential for our consumption; it makes no difference now and Hilary’s ascension to the throne is preordained; perhaps, but what if?

In a sense the promise of transparency is now a reality; no, we will not be privy to the machinations behind the scenes in the bowels of government intervention but it should be clear beyond the shadow of doubt that we have been duped. We have traded our Republic for an imperial presidency. Whether Barack stays or goes no longer matters; future decisions for our governance will be based on fairness in the socialist sense. The battle cry to undo the Affordable Care Act has changed from defund to repair. Republicans will slice and dice, sugar coat, add, subtract and repair the Bill that transformed America if given the chance but they are too cowardly to repeal it; they too depend on the votes of the dependency society.

The national debt will continue to soar and the middle class will continue to diminish no matter which party is in power. The only difference is alacrity, honesty and acceleration. Entrepreneurship is suspended, capitalism exists at the government’s pleasure. Religion will be defined by laws created and passed by agnostics and atheists who despise the faithful and recognize that religion is the anathema to government preeminence. Eventually we will be forced to hide our religious preferences or face persecution or ostracization. We are already guilty of ignoring the increased persecution of Jews and the betrayal of Israel. Most of us are unaware or remain mute in the face of Christian persecution and murder in the Mid East as Christianity comes under fire in our military, schools, universities and governments.

This year’s celebration will be exuberant and extravagant again, no doubt exceeding past years, introducing the New Year and the New Order simultaneously, with a crescendo of laws, taxes and edicts that will be the hallmark of the new America in 2014 and on. The fundamental change and total transformation we were promised has been delivered and as of January 1, 2014, the law that made this possible for the imperial presidency will be in effect. It will be crammed down our throats like shards of glass and the pain and suffering will be our reward for not being vigilant, informed or involved when it counted. We tolerate and reelect Congressmen while we bemoan the failure of Congress. When have the American people attempted to exercise their right of recall or the impeachment of politicians above the objections of our elected officials? When is civil disobedience called for and rejection of tyranny a necessity?

Happy New year Barak. Your nights will grow more restless with each passing day as you realize it only took a small minority to change the country but it follows that a small minority can take it back…with a vengeance. It should cause you concern. You may dissolve the Second Amendment but you will never get America’s guns. Outlaws will always have access to arms and making all of us outlaws will not result in the surrender of arms; quite the opposite…

It seems almost counter intuitive to wish Americans good health, prosperity and happiness (which is relative), as is the custom, in the coming year. No doubt the transformation the Affordable Care Act affords will cause the death or failing health through neglect for millions of Americans. But this is exactly what I wish all Americans; good health through excellent, free market health care, great wealth through self determination and boundless happiness through liberty and freedom, more earnestly than ever before, this New Year’s eve. I love America and I love all Americans and want the opposite of what we are getting for us all and that is why I speak out. I welcome the New Year with great trepidation and diminished expectations but I hold out hope for renewed patriotism and determination to remove Barak and his entourage of America-haters, to eliminate the Muslim threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization and set us back on the constitutional track our founders provided us. In 2014 we must reverse the trend.

God bless Americans and I pray we will unite in the face of adversity.



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