Stop! In the Name of Love!

So Al Qaida accepted Barak’s gift and is holding sway in Iraq. Kerry assured them immediately that there will be no fuss from us; he’s shouting it from the roof tops. We get it. No American troops. The UN is absent on this one too but who noticed?

To me the Middle East was always a place with great food but strange eating habits. Fingers were invented before forks and only one hand reserved for food. They were clawing their way into the 20th Century reluctantly when Barak condemned them to another two thousand years of catch-up ball and waved the checkered flag for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The geniuses we elect to office are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what obama is up to. Foreign policies are a disaster; fiscal policies don’t add up; he was a Muslim now and then, went to church but didn’t listen, taught Constitutional law but disdains the document and the Bill of Rights, spends millions to keep his records hidden but claims the title for transparency, hires ineptitude, fires no one, has no birth certificate but produces two forgeries in a pinch, has at least two names and decides when we can address him with either, has a social security number plucked from the grave, his oldest friend and adviser he hardly knew tried to blow us up and now visits the White House more often than the mail man; he’s missing in action when things go boom in the night but takes credit for the work of heroes and imposes a health care insurance program that cancelled far more policies than it issued.

These are the obvious things for everyone to see. The firing of Chaplains and hiring of Imams, the refusal to call the enemy by name and the war against religion and guns goes on incessantly while we sleep and while we carp about jobs and immigration. Rome is burning and the citizens are fiddling.

Time to think this one through…Okay I thought it through. Barak is the enemy within. He is consciously and with malice aforethought changing the nation fundamentally. You can’t do that and be my friend. He derisively accused Americans of clinging to their guns and religion. You can’t do that and pretend to be my friend. He has recommended changing the flag and our national anthem. You can’t do that and be my friend. With that agenda there is only one word to accurately describe Barak Hinsane Obama. Enemy.

All Americans who serve this country take the same or similar oath to defend the Constitution, uphold our laws and defend this country against all enemies, foreign or within.

When do we start?



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