Killing Me Softly

A bank robber gets away with a big chunk of change and is living high on the hog when he is caught red handed. The Bank lets him vote on his fate and he votes to keep the principal and pay the bank back beginning in 20 years, from the interest on the money. The robber also stipulates that when the bank dies the debt is forgiven. The bank agrees.

Sounds impossible and far-fetched right? It is. Basically I’ve described the Social Security Scam. The bank is “we the people” and the bank robber is your government, “here to help”.

It is not the ideal analogy because there is no comparison in real life to what the government will conspire to fund the stuff they know we (the bank) would never approve and they have no right to ask for.

FDR was a great wartime president. So much so that his ideological beliefs and agendas have never been fully vetted or discussed. American Jews have long since forgiven FDR for turning away a boat load of Jewish war refugees in dire need of assistance at the time; most Americans weren’t even aware of his decision, some might call inhuman. Some of his closest advisers were known communists in the day. He used his immense popularity and political capital to massively increase government controls over our daily commerce by creating 100 or so self-regulating government agencies, Congress be damned. He nearly succeeded in packing the Supreme Court and we have no one to blame for Social Security but Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Blame you say? But the Demonrats take credit and Republicans call it a benefit all the time. Sure they do. Consider Social Security the bridge they sold us when they realized just how gullible we really are.

The idea behind Social Security was to create an endless slush fund, off the budget, for political operations and off budget pet projects. The average life expectancy of the American worker was shorter than the term needed to receive “benefits” and the survivors would only be paid a small stipend, until they too catch the last trolley to the Pearly Gates. When the miracle of modern medicine increased our life expectancy, it created a minor problem, which our creative politicians solved and made the scam bigger and better than FDR ever imagined. This government “benefit” will give us our own money back, in structured payments, after we retire or are incapacitated and keep the balance if we die with no accountability as to how much that might be. A savings plan born in the smoke filled back room of Hades East. When payments exceeded their projections, some genius conjured up the idea to replace the cash they misappropriated with Non Negotiable Government Bonds so they can go on misappropriating with impunity. Social Security is made whole, theoretically, so tell the boys in the back room the drinks are on us. Problem solved.

Along comes an uncooperative troublemaker who doesn’t know how the game is played and floats the idea that the people shall have their own money back and the right to pass it on to their heirs. GW tried three times before he realized his great idea was a nonstarter on both sides of the crooked aisle. His argument that the people were at least entitled to the same plan Congressmen and their aides voted for themselves earned him naught but derision…The Three Card Monte dealer isn’t going to try to find the pea in someone else’s Shell Game on his day off either.

Believe it or not this letter is not about Social Security. It is about the disease that we must cure if America is going to prosper again as a Constitutional Republic. The disease is responsible for the uninformed electorate. We keep electing career politicians and granting them our loyal unwavering support . No one in politics should ever have our unwavering support. They need to do the job we hired them to do and then go home and let the next guy take a turn; term limits. Trust but verify and then don’t trust too much. A government of, by and for the people is a sham if the people don’t do their part; and the people soon become victims, pawns and slaves; quietly going where government wants us working hard for them. Is the order of authority really reversed, Barry?


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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