Right Side Up

It is incumbent upon us to defend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution but now more than ever we should do so pro-actively. Pam Geller is an American hero and her activism has inspired pros and cons to her initiatives; too bad. If America was Right Side Up, she wouldn’t have to risk her life to tell us that our freedom of speech is under attack as a precursor of things to come. Her message is being diluted by critics who fail to offer a better solution to the assaults on free speech that attack our Judea Christian foundations as well as our national mores. The critics underestimate the attackers which is to the advantage of the radical Islamic mission. Pam dedicates her life, literally, to defending free speech and the Republic that was formed for people who already had the freedoms they valued and wanted to live in a country that did not molest, measure or regulate their God given attributes.

If America was Right Side Up a threat to kill Pam Geller for objecting to a radical Islamist interpretation of free speech would be met with a president who would respond by ordering the arrest and prosecution of the whoever issued the threat. The righteous Right that criticize Pam for her activism, like O’Reilly, Heraldo Rivera, Donald Trump and others have lost sight of the times we live in. The president of the United States believes that victims should soul search to find the answers to why criminal thugs are criminal thugs and the top law enforcement officer in the nation praised the Baltimore Police force with the back of her hand and launched an investigation into their culture.

Thank God for the Pam Gellers in our country and for this special Pam Geller who should not have to demonstrate the meaning of free speech to those who make their living because we have free speech or those who exercise the right to criticize someone who put their right to do so before her right to exist.

If a China man whose custom is to slurp soup to compliment the cook dines at my table and slurps his soup I will be complimented and educated. If the same China man insists that we all slurp our soup in my house or be punished according to his custom, there would be a problem. If he persisted he would be wearing the soup.

We did not ask Islamic Muslims to come to America and we do not deny them the hospitality and opportunity that is unique to American political ideals. If they think they can impose their ideas on all of us in the name of Allah or Davey Jones they have another think coming. Pam Geller told them in no uncertain terms and has earned my undying respect and support. Those of us who differ with me or with Pam, do so because of people like Pam…and me…and most of you.

The cowards who came armed with awesome weapons to silence Pam learned why we say the Second Amendment insures the First. Enjoy the virgins.

One man, one side arm, not even a blade of grass to hide behind and the story of America was told.

America the Constitutional Republic was delivered to the electorate with instructions in plain view; Right Side Up. Thank you Pam.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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