What, Me Worry?

We’re riding a river of hot lava down a mountain of despair in a paper canoe, singing “Hi Ho a Sailor’s Life for Me”. Obama is steering the boat, Islam is our crew and we are peering at the horizon through a defective spy glass, ever vigilant to defend our Constitutional Republic. “No existential threats out there yet”, according to the Helmsman, Commander in Sheik, B. Hussein Obama and we cautiously acknowledge his assessment; so far so good.

Look in the boat damn you! Look in the boat! You know the dream where you are screaming warnings at the top of your lungs but no sound comes out? _____!

Muslim Terrorists who really do prefer live, helpless child victims for their sexual deviance, over mystical, multiple virgins in the hereafter, are grateful for Liberal efforts to limit their chances of getting shot in the line of duty. Gun free zones are a boon to Jihadists with mayhem on their minds. To that end Barack’s assignment is to eliminate as many weapons as possible in America, that can respond to cowardly acts of terror, as the Islamic Jihad on Jews, Christians and other infidels, expands onto our hallowed shores. Barack has decreed by edict that terrorists should enter and cross our borders unchallenged, blending in with illegal immigrants we are accustomed to seeing, from Mexico and other South American countries. They are not illegal, simply undocumented. We don’t hear or see many of the Oriental and Arabic immigrants who now outnumber Hispanics; perhaps they are documented; Barack’s flawed forgery techniques are renowned. Women in burkas are more common than ever and appear to be non threatening but the men in their families are less conspicuous among us, until they act out their sinister missions. They await their opportunity to contribute to their cause and do so in many ways. All the preparations needed to rise up in our midst to murder, intimidate and control our reactions are in place or in progress; they told us so and prove it whenever a plan comes together or they can take credit for someone else’s deviant behavior…Barack has that down to a science; it’s a Muslim thing. When we manage to nail them now and then the Burka clad women are shocked to learn that kindly Achmed has a dark side. Barack will tell us his murderous ways could have been redirected if only we gave them decent jobs.

Barack also contributes to the Islamic cause by surreptitiously and in our face inciting riots, praising rebellion, punishing law enforcement and stirring conflict between haves and have-nots and any sectors of society that can be divided and convinced that they are discontented because of endemic, historic unfairness. His actions belie his words without exception as he claims his programs have saved our economy from the brink of George Bush’s disaster. Believe that and I can sell you the same bridge every day. You will think you have amassed a collection of bridges, while I will not even deliver the first one you bought, “we are not at war with Islam”; or the second one, “the recovering economy averted a devastating recession” and yet another bridge named Brooklyn, “I believe in the Second Amendment…I don’t want your guns”…

The Second Amendment is a basic pillar of our independence and the American heritage of self defense. Try as he might Obama has not been able to render the Right to Keep and Bear Arms irrelevant, but oh how he has infringed! So Barack wants our guns and our Bibles, because he rightly observed that Americans cling to these necessities of life in times of stress and both will deter him from his appointed rounds, especially if used together. Every conceivable obstacle he or his agencies could employ to make weapons less accessible and Bibles more offensive to law abiding Americans, is employed or working its way through our ruptured system. For a guy who claims not to want our guns he sure has a strange way of showing it. We need our guns and Bibles more than ever because both are indispensable when tyranny raises its ugly head…even if we pretend not to notice.

Barack must be removed from office, held accountable and punished. His work is not done until we are. Our work will not be done if we don’t get to it.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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