The Canary Didn’t Know the Cage Was Open

The eternal conflict on earth is and always will be between good and evil. Man’s fundamental belief system is based on the struggle between right and wrong. There is nothing on earth that is so good, correct or pure that the opposite force doesn’t contest its existence; the more wholesome the greater the opposition. Without the struggle of conscience there would be no need for religion, for the world would be a utopia of brotherly love and peace with no need to seek a Higher Power. History shows that when we rely solely on human intellect and instinct to solve the problems of the universe our problems manifest and exponentiate. All men who believe and respect mortality either believe in God, the power of the universe or some form of deity greater than their own existence or they claim to be atheist, or worse, agnostic…The freedom that governments limit is borne on the tenets of creationism; a religious anthropology.

There have been significant changes in America, fundamental and transforming to be sure, as forewarned. Without question the changes are imposed by forces that contest man’s innate right of free will, self determination and the premise that our highest potential is achieved when we are self governed. Americans have allowed rights and freedoms to be pared by an administration that does not trust an electorate with free choice; or any choice. We are not now self governed because the Constitution that provided for self governance is now openly challenged by the government we believed would defend those freedoms. We believed for all the wrong reasons that a president who told us nothing would give us everything.

We failed to follow the forefathers’ admonitions regarding the care and preservation of liberty, nor did we obey the Creator’s precaution to proclaim and defend our faith and never deny the Lord. We have essentially lost both; the functioning Republic bound by Judea Christian principles and the freedom to worship as we see fit, when and where we feel the need, according to our Judea Christian heritage. The Bible is more and more banned; the Koran distributed and or available where Christianity recently reigned.

Easily incited, overly reactive mobs rob their peers, defend criminals and justify crime, flooding the streets, chanting for justice they thwart with their ill conceived facts and misplaced solidarity, while their collective liberty is being sacrificed to accommodate their arson, looting, violence and demands for prosecution without due process, for anyone except themselves. While they ravage their own neighborhoods and public property and dominate the news, concessions are granted to exonerate them of crimes in progress; and our religious rights, civil laws and societal mores are suspended to appease anarchy. What do the rioters and mobs get? The exact opposite of what they claim to believe and are promised, while their willful acts provide cover for an administration that continues to supplant our Judea Christian heritage with a religion of savagery, political ambition and world domination.

When the rioters return to their homes, assuming they haven’t been burned down to make a statement for equality, they may not notice that they are less free and less entitled to justice than they were when they poured out en masse, to demand the subversion and suspension of the rule of law to satisfy their interpretation of right and wrong. For while they demand that police be held accountable to a standard not consistent with the rule of law, a football coach was unceremoniously fired for reading from the Bible to his new team, Christian icons were ordered hidden from public view in Chapels at Veteran’s Administration facilities…and Chaplains were told to “stop talking about Jesus, and to stop reading scripture out loud” right here in America; and no one is rioting or demanding justice at the end of a rock or torch for the real travesty in America. So while our black brothers and liberal sympathizers used their free speech to silence those with whom they disagree, their government was busy inserting its ideological preferences on them and the rest of us. The mobs did not question the motives or presence of strangers inciting them to disobey civilly, express themselves violently and blame successful people for their stagnation; they obeyed and did not care that they ceded their individuality to mob rule, strutting like brainless peacocks that they are motivated for an honorable cause.

The new icons they sympathize with may be criminals but if they are accosted by police for criminal behavior they are instantly elevated to the status of victims that symbolize hundreds of years of black oppression. Unwittingly they do not recognize that they are willingly subjecting themselves, their families and their heirs to the new oppression…total government control. While they may feel vindicated by the sympathies of government officials who capitulate to their demands they fail to realize that in so doing they become slaves to a government that will not tolerate public dissension once the power grab is complete.

So revel in your rebellion while you can; the devil you are inviting to replace the devil you perceive is using you like a Judas goat to dominate us all. The disservice you do betrays freedom; it does not elevate or celebrate it, as you seem to believe. The tepid concern for policemen needlessly wounded in the line of duty and deaths mourned only by family and colleagues, is only a post script in the biased media, as criminals are deified publicly, their slate of crimes against the community wiped clean by ignorance and political expediency. Antonyms become synonyms and synonyms become opposites when morality is immoral, logic disputed and heritage is denied. Transformation is the punishment we did not see coming.

Riots that defy reason and logic are a major distraction and exactly what dictators foster to create the diversion needed to cancel freedoms by edict and by virtue of the fact that rioters demand the suspension of due process to meet their unlawful demands and the dictator-in-waiting is only too glad to oblige. He deftly demonstrates the urgent need for government on every level of human endeavor and existence and mobs are the pen with which our obituary is written.

Pray fervently, publicly, in defiance and in humility. The war declared on us can only be won when we admit our mistakes. and make positive identification on the enemy; Radical Islam. Pray for contrition without which we will not recognize the enemy that surrounds us. If not Barack then who? If it is not of our own doing, then who shall be held accountable? You can break every mirror in the kingdom and ripple every puddle and reflective pool on earth and you will still see yourself in the eyes of our heirs, if nowhere else.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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